WoT – Secret leak hunt continues (Chaffee races in August!)

Our mysterious twitter users drops more bombshells, this time it’s as follows:


And now let’s more difficult. To get the next item, you have to try. I advise you to carefully examine the picture. By the way, what do you know about Imgurs?

Attached to the post is the image of a VK 16.02 Leopard

As post hints at, there is a secret message in the picture, or rather, a link to an .gif file uploaded to imgur. If you can’t see it, zoom in over the gap between the tank’s right track and side of the hull. The link leads us to an interesting climax:

The person in the picture is none other than the General Adna R. Chaffee, the “namesake” of American M24 Chaffee, after whom the tank was named.

The cryptic key  being placed onto a photo of General Chaffee can only mean one thing, Chaffee races are back!



0 thoughts on “WoT – Secret leak hunt continues (Chaffee races in August!)

  1. oh wow gj, everyone else knew this since that WG year 2019 preview video more than half year ago

  2. I\’m actually happy that the Chaffee race gamemode is returning, if this is to be believed. The capping part at the end was a mess but the race itself was real fun. 😀

  3. Panhard (\”something we asked for\”) races (since it\’s General Chaffee) with multiple levels of grind (pictures of numbers) and everything being pay2play (tickets image, we asked for it instead of op premiums, but WG decided for both I guess).

  4. Can\’t wait for Chaffee races since I never got the chance to play it back in the day because I started to play wot only in september 2015, but I hope that if there will be some nice rewards, there won\’t be again a paywall like on 2018 halloween or the latest PVE mode, Homefront, that would be just really sad 🙁

  5. That\’s the wrong general chaffee image they used. The one in the picture is General Adna Chaffee Sr. The M24 Chaffee was named after his son, General Adna Chaffee Jr., father of the US armored forces.

  6. Well… oddly enough people started talking about this before his post. As WG has talked about it here and there the past week. And did hit about it in their recent video. So it\’s not like it was a \”surprise\” that it came this month.

  7. Played the chaffe race back then, remember it… hope it wont be another stupid grind no life fiesta like homefront?, which is the most stupid and greedy shit mode so far…

  8. I surely hope its the same rewards as back then. I got my first full 3 skill crew due to the chaffee races. Really hoping they give those epic crew skill boosts again

  9. Got as much as 4 full crew skills in the thing, back when being a competent Light Tank driver meant you\’d win match after match after match…

    …without firing a single shot. And finishing first in both teams by XP.

    FFS, those were the times.

    Did not play the Chaffee ever since the global LT nerf. What a damn shame.

    +3MM was…
    There simply is no better expression than finishing off top tier vehicles with the least capable machine. But with speed and DPM – with 99mm of pen even – you must bow down to the fearsome M24 Chaffee.

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