World of Tanks – Frontline Episode 6: Introducing the AE Phase I!

Update: Post has been taken down in the SEA website


Episode 6 Schedule

EPISODE START 15 Jul 2019 (Monday) 07:00 UTC +8
EPISODE END 22 Jul 2019 (Monday) 04:00 UTC +8
CEASEFIRE 04:00 – 07:00 UTC +8

Schedule is taken from the SEA server website

Select the corresponding tab in the battle type drop-down list to enter the Frontline queue.



Before the start of Episode 5, we announced a reduction of the cooldown on respawn to 10 seconds, instead of 30. Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, we weren’t able to bring this improvement to life. But now all the malfunctions are fixed, so in the new Episode, cooldown on respawn will be 10 seconds. Spend more time in the game, play, and grab your well-deserved rewards!

The AE Phase I: The Crown Jewel of Your Tank Collection!

Speaking of rewards. Finally, we can announce the name, nation and class of the most valuable Frontline 2019 reward! The most persistent and skillful players will be able to receive as a reward the AE Phase I, a Tier IX American heavy tank. Looking at this formidable brawler, you’ll immediately notice its distinguishing feature: the segmented tracks. This tank has four caterpillars, with two on each side.


The AE Phase I comes with two main features. The first is that it’s an event vehicle, freeing you from the necessity of retraining an experienced Crew to assign to this tank. The second is a new mechanic: a built-in Large Repair Kit consumable, which will occupy one of the slots on the Equipment Panel of your vehicle (no additional slots are provided). In battle, it works just like a regular one, but once the fight is over and you’re in the Garage, you don’t have to purchase a new one as the built-in Large Repair Kit replenishes automatically.

Emil 1951: The First-Ever Swedish Tier VIII Premium Vehicle

While you’re chasing down the incredible AE Phase I, don’t forget about the other outstanding reward vehicle, the  VIII EMIL 1951 . This is the first-ever Swedish Tier VIII Premium heavy tank with an autoloader, boasting decent frontal armor and good alpha damage with both basic and special rounds. Its top speed is nothing special, but it keeps up well and accelerates fast for a heavy tank. It’s good enough to close in on an enemy and show them who’s boss!

If you don’t manage to earn sufficient Prestige Points to redeem your reward vehicle of choice this Episode, fret not! Our reconnaissance operations have uncovered the dates of Frontline Episode 7  – 19 – 26 August – so be sure to mark down those dates and continue your farming then!

Get a Tier VIII Tank!

Don’t have a suitable Tier VIII vehicle for Frontline? Rent one! In Episode 6, the rental vehicles featured in Episode 1 are making a comeback. You’ll soon be able to take any of these vehicles for a test drive:


T-44 FL


Pz. 58 FL


T34 FL

All Gold spent on rentals accumulates in a special fund that you can put towards a discount when purchasing any of the 11 original rental tanks available in Frontline this year.

See you on the Frontline for Episode 6, Commanders! Play and earn at your leisure!

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Frontline Episode 6: Introducing the AE Phase I!

  1. Buggers, first they ruin Frontline, what was fun and profit now grind and boredom, now they offer rewards for all the bot running, bug exploiting cheaters that are part of the mode destruction. GJ WG! As usual, nice clean shot in own foot. You know where you can put the reward tanks.

    1. I loved how when asked about the state of FL they act like they didn\’t expect creating a massive grind for it would lead to FL being a massive grind. Finger on the pulse stuff from WG.

  2. I wouldn\’t get too excited for this four tracked thing. Its on TangsGG and honestly it seems tough, but not all that tough.
    If you look, when the tanks hull down, the underside of the gun mantle and turret is woefully exposed and easily penned.
    And Im sure the lower hull will be a easy weakspot when not in cover.
    And don\’t even get me started on the Emil 51 its weak spot IS around the gun! So going hulldown is irrelevant!
    Yeah, glad Im not bother with frontlines, and even more so, the reward tanks look meh.

  3. \”Emil 1951: The First-Ever Swedish Tier VIII Premium Vehicle\”

    Needs to be corrected, it is the first premium heavy, the first Swedish tier 8 premium was the S1.

  4. I hate how the AE phase 1 doesn\’t get a 4th equipment slot with a built in Extended Spare Parts Kit.
    (40% faster track repair speed). A lazy or greedy decision. These caterpillars should take less time to repair.

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