WoT EU – T78


The new T78 takes two popular American vehicles in World of Tanks and combines them into one mean machine. Will it become the new favourite Tier VI tank destroyer?

What’s this tank about?


Its 90 mm gun is a real threat, combining good damage with nice accuracy and high stabilisation


The T78 gets anywhere quickly, thanks to its great acceleration and top speed


As expected from a tank destroyer, the camouflage value allows you to sneak to favourable positions

Its turret

That’s something not many tank destroyers can brag about, and having a turret is a huge advantage



To celebrate the American Independence Day, the ‘Federalist’ camouflage is also available for the T78, giving it a truly American look.


Supreme – 49.99

Ultimate – 29.99

Federalist – 19.99

Bundle adds the exclusive “Federalist” 3D Style.

Standard – 13.57

Bundle contents:

  • T78 (without the Federalist style)
  • 100% crew;
  • Garage Slot.

0 thoughts on “WoT EU – T78

  1. I think this is the first tank with a \’special\’ camo that is more expensive with camo as without..
    For example Obj 252 and defender both cost the same..

  2. The Hellcat had better APCR with 22mm extra
    it does 72kpn top speed = 17kph faster than T78 (a lot in WOT
    Radio range is 30mtrs better (means little really
    the Tank itself turns quicker on its Track traverse

    err that\’s it really

    it has far better soft stats for the 90mm gun handling (lots better, like much much
    faster Turret traverse speed its + 5.5 degrees faster to turn turret (much better
    has more hitpoints +30
    slightly more dpm
    so loads the Gun a bit faster

    turns on tracks slower than Hellcat
    55kph top sepeed so much slower
    less power to weight slightly
    slightly longer aim time for 90mm Gun

    the Gun Handling buffs alone make it superior in WOT alone – will hit target way more aften
    and its a Premium so it will print Credits nicely (whereas the Hellcat just cannot

    another new Premium Tank that will replace anyone\’s standard Hellcat
    …………. soon there will be no point in grinding for tech tree tanks below Tier 8

  3. > high stabilisation
    > high acceleration
    > high speed

    WG should really stop advertising stuff with lies. Not a \”fu WG u suck\” kind of complaint but backed by facts.

    1. This tank has extremely poor stabilisation like most turreted tank destroyers, something like .29/.29/.15 give or take.

    2. Hp/t is decent at 21something but not really out of this world, and ground resistance is pretty high.

    3. Likewise, speed is decent for a Chaffee hull but nothing outstanding. Reverse speed is poor.

    Still a good budget premium though, for a change they sold something that\’s neither OP nor UP – it\’s good without being broken.

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