World of Tanks – T54E2 screenshots

Model is not final yet, scheduled to come with patch 1.6. Purpose yet unknown.

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10 thoughts on “World of Tanks – T54E2 screenshots

    1. Actually they should buff to tier 9 and replace the M103 between the T32 and T110E5. Then make a separate Super heavy line with the M103 reduced DPM at tier VIII, M103A1 at tier IX and finally tier X M103A2.


      1. I say that because the M103 plays more like the French M4 51/54 line and the T110E5 plays more like the Obj 277 line but with a giant boil on top.


          1. Doesn’t take a tank expert to know this is a medium tank, only takes quick google search or some common sense. I mean, it’s quite clearly related to the T54E1 we currently have ingame.


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