WoT Supertest – Kampfpanzer 50 t

Today we’re starting the Supertest for the vehicle a lot of you have been waiting for a long time: the Kampfpanzer 50 t, aka the main Ranked Battles mode reward.

This Tier IX German medium tank carries a 105-mm Rheinmetall V1 gun. Among the strong sides of the latter are:

  • Accuracy (the dispersion is 0.33 m per 100 m)
  • Armor penetration (268 mm with the basic APCR round and 310 mm with the special HEAT round)
  • Aiming time (2 seconds)
  • View range (400 m)

The gun’s single shot damage is 320 points, and it may seem not much at first sight. Yet good stabilization, a barrel depression of -8 degrees, and high armor penetration make the 50 t an efficient fighter at any distance, able to damage every opponent.

The Kampfpanzer 50 t also has decent survivability. It possesses 1,750 hit points, a 120 mm thick upper glacis plate sloped at an impressive angle and bears up to 250 mm of armor at the front of its turret. Still there’s a couple of weak points, namely the gunner’s sights and the machine gun cupola at the rear. Also, the side armor is pretty thin (just 40 mm) so angling this tank’s hull is not recommended.


Less armor means more mobility. The Kampfpanzer 50 t can boast a top speed of 60 km/h and a specific power of 18 hp per ton. This German can reach a key position on a map fast, provide fire support for an attack from there, and then return to the base just in time to defend it (if needed).

A nice feature of this tank is its status of an event vehicle: you may place any suitable Crew in it, without the need to retrain.


The Kampfpanzer 50 t is a medium/heavy tank hybrid combining the best of both worlds (and paying very little for that). Good mobility, a gun allowing for comfortable play, an armor which is exquisite for a medium—these are the strong sides or this German newcomer.


Still, the strongest side of the 50t are not the stats; it’s YOU—the veteran player hardened by the Ranked Battles.

0 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – Kampfpanzer 50 t

  1. Looks like one of the Polish tanks. Wonder how they are going to introduce it in NA, since we got screwed over on Ranked battles?

    1. They can always reuse it on NA as a clan wars reward not that clan wars isn\’t dead already on NA.

      1. It\’s a tier 9 tank so it won\’t be a CW reward tank, I\’m guessing that it will probably be the Frontlines top tank.

    1. Is that for WoT Blitz? Because in normal WoT it has 258 base pen with AP shells, which when you take normalization into account, is the same as 268 apcr pen

    1. Apart from every single way.

      Cheese hull armor. Non existent side armor on the hull or the turret. 90% of guns you meat will overmatch it or go straight trough. Not to mention arty will obliterate this thing.

      I wouldn\’t touch this with a 10 feet barge pole…

    2. Comparing the E50 and that thing is like comparing the Maus and AMX 50B. Two tanks with very different goals and playstyles.

      1. i wouldnt say that untill armor model is on 😛
        250 armor on turret? 120 on hull with that angle.?? For me looks way stronger than e50

        but…just wait 3d models…

  2. real or another \”Skoda T27\”? (aka fake)
    I don\’t want to claim something I am not sure but it does look way too much like the Swiss heavy tank concept/mockup (Panzer 69/74D&F) Mizutayio showed us for a possible Swiss Tech Tree

    funnily enough he also added a KW 50 to his proposal, am I crazy to think it is too much of a coincidence given that I (possibly we all) had not known of this design before?

    1. Nope it’s not fake it’s this thing:
      Though the model is slightly incorrect and the name is too the real name is B.W. 30t and you can also get the picture by looking that designation up
      Also it was completely a German project (though It does resemble the Swiss panzer 74)
      (Also I know I already posted this as a comment but it was intended to be a reply to your comment)

      1. good to know that at least this time around it is not a fake (like the Skoda T27), that is why «when in doubt ask about it» and that is what I did
        I am gonna take a guess and say the armor values were inflated quite a bit to fit the role of a Tier 9 MT, right?

        1. No problem, always happy to help! Though I don’t really know the armor values because it only really reached concept phase just as how the tank would look (or at least that’s what I’ve seen) so yeah this tank was kind of perfect for Wg though as it was more or less a blank slate ( though if there are armor values for this thing somewhere yes they are probably inflated know Wg)

          1. I searched it and, like you wrote, it can be found by searching B.W 30t (funnily enough it was included in some TT proposals way back in 2011) and pretty much all claim its weight was 30 tons, no matter how thin the sides and rear are there\’s no way a 30 ton tank can have 120mm of frontal armor and 250mm in the turret, we can compare it to the Leopard 1 to know they adjusted the design to fit the role they wanted, then again the level of development of the concept may be a bit vague which allows some \”creativity\” but in the end what we will see is a completely new design and not the original

  3. nice one…but theres no way to lose my sanity in this idiotic RB mode especially with p2w ammo still here

    anyway..i can see a very good thing still
    is this the first attempt to make CAMO NETS VISIBLE?? 🙂


  4. They made one quite serious error with ranked battles, who will play ranked after it\’s sure you cannot get enough tank tokens for T9 price vehicle? If it\’s 15 or even 12 tokens most of us can stop playing now. I\’m sure there won\’t be too many players in the final season…
    \”Annual Rewards
    The level of access to the Annual Rewards is determined by the number of Rank Tokens earned within the seasons of the year.
    The Rank Tokens are earned for completion of each Division and for making it to the Golden League. The Rank Token for the Golden League is added at the end of the season.
    Thus, a player can earn up to five Rank Tokens within a season.\”

    1. chinese pike hull, russian turret, german gun and french mobility. best of all worlds

  5. WG nerfs the hull and turret traverse on the Leopard Proto A in the last patch and then introduce this thing but only as a reward tank.
    Well played vodka boys.

  6. I\’m serious when I say I would\’ve loved to buy this (balanced for Tier 8), and have WG make that cancerous pile of feces called Progetto 46 a Tier 9 reward tank.

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