World of Tanks Console – Tier X premium tanks!

That’s right, in World of Tansk Console you can now get a tier X premium tank… for free experience! Seems like World of Warships premium tier IX tech tree ships unlockable for free experience are spreading to other main Wargaming titles, but it remains to be seen if such deals will reach the PC version of World of Tanks.


11 thoughts on “World of Tanks Console – Tier X premium tanks!

        1. I don’t know in my head, but if I remember correctly, you can check by clicking on the tank in the garage and then look at the panel on the left side of the screen 🙂


        2. These aren’t reward tanks from cw mate they’re just removed tanks from the tech tree.. if they started handing out cw tanks on pc I would be done with the game.


      1. Same thing for the VK72.01K, 907, T95/Cheiftan, M60, and the other clan wars tanks on the PC. On the console the VK is being treated as a full on premium.


  1. Keep in mind that WOT console is not run by WG directly. They still have the WT auf E100 in the tech tree too. They don’t have to do anything PC does and vise versa. As they have sold the other CW tanks are normal premiums on tier 7 and 8. I suspect this was their idea to get them into the game. And yes WOWS has done this too with tier 9 and X ships over a year ago. Still nothing here.


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