PSA: Wargaming EULA changes, next ban wave and Wargaming’s attempts at stopping account sharing

Hello folks!

Wargaming’s EULA has recently been changed and the mod banlist has been updated to accomodate to the increasing amount of “cheat” mods being used in the battlefield. Anyone who are using any such prohibited modifications will get their account locked for a week, and if such transgression is repeated, permanently frozen, so consider yourself warned as the next banwave is coming live very very soon after patch 1.5.1 hits the live servers.

Furthermore, most likely owing to recent drama with a certain russian Youtuber breaking Sandbox server license and sharing their account with third parties, account sharing is forbidden in any form.

Have fun and play fair, tankers!


P.S ❤ eekeeboo



16 thoughts on “PSA: Wargaming EULA changes, next ban wave and Wargaming’s attempts at stopping account sharing

  1. Finally something against those ebay paid services, they eat from wargaming pockets!

    So they will monitor IPs and check if activity from other country from where player playing from, or something like that?


    1. LOL how do you think ebay works?
      Accounts swap IP’s once… not back and forth on a daily basis.
      The ones not sold or the ones sold long ago… they will not be noticed.

      In fact: sold accounts ARE weclome…
      ebay = people with money take accounts from those which don’t spend little to nothing.

      Hack most buy some prem tanks on discount (like 1-2 toptier) and throw in some gift tanks.
      Always the same freaking pattern.

      You cant tell me that after 30.000 battles and 42% wr (botting) …- WG is going “alright, NOW is the time to strike”

      Long story short: they only ban those which are famous enough to matter or do not pay at all.
      Wanna bet there is some artificial thresh hold like….. 50€/year? pfff… just stop being naive.

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    1. I am not sacked 😉 I am still very much around, but this news is not from mew, I believe it’s just an “I love eekeeboo” as this is not information from me either. – eekeeboo


      1. Since you are already here, what defines as account sharing?

        What happens to those who per se let their younger siblings play with their account while they are busy working or some such, but they don’t live in the same house hold no more?

        Too grey of an area without further info…


        1. Considering that they can’t prove whether it’s you, your siblings, or your house chicken that’s currently playing on your computer, I think that’s fine. But what’s not allowed is to share a single account across multiple different players with different IPs. Anyhow that’s just what I think, it’s better if either eekeeboo answers (if this that is the real eekeeboo), or if you contect support and ask 🙂


  2. Sure, more bans, more forbidden mods. Yet every time there are more players making impossible shots and impossible pens and you are dead before the 6th sense light comes on.
    It is IMPOSSIBLE to be spotted, aimed at, shot at and already hit by the shell that has to travel for some time before reaching you BEFORE the 6th sense warning.


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