Black Market Day 5: Pz. IV Hydrostat

6.5 million credits, it sold out in a minute and 43 seconds. Only 5000 were sold. Got mine too!


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  1. Congratulations to your new Pz.IV Hydro,

    I really hope they soon sell something like KT (c) or maybe the legendary Pz. V/IV

    So far i had everything besides the Type 59 G, which i was able to get…

      1. American premium King Tiger. Many of us are expecting it to appear on the Black Market. But with the leaked list mostly accurate besides the order, looks like it will only be sold in the shop for real money. =\'(

        1. oh, ok. i don\’t care then, i already have e5 and t34, and i don\’t need another crew trainer

  2. A lot of emotion for a tank that, in almost all aspects, is less than Pz.T25 …

    1. T25 doesn\’t have pref. MM. And what are 6.5 million credits? Most ppl have dozens of millions on their accounts and don\’t know how to spend them. I earn that much in 12-14 rounds of Frontlines. It\’s nothing really.

    1. For the same reason why T59 Gold and FCM Pak 36 were so expensive. They\’re rare tanks. Blackdog is not as it\’s frequently in the shop.

    1. yeah, got the same problem. was one of the first who clicked \”buy\”….credits were taken off, but no tank…i wrote a ticket and hope for fast fix

    1. dont worry…they were unable to fix Caern X yet…so i guess that we need to wait some more…:)

  3. got my Hydro when I bought a death adder mouse, 4 years ago. People asked silly things like \”is that a ECO tank? Does it run on hydrogen?\”

  4. first one wich hits me with that bug…

    i just wonder what will happen if i buy next one too 🙂 i mstuck with the bug from now?

    1. Then get it like most did… Go to the WG merc store and buy the 1:56 scale Italeri tanks with the Hydrostat promotion. It says buy 4 on the box. But they changed it to two now. So I bought the M4 and the Cromwell. Got the tank. Either way… It\’s the worst tier 5 med I own.

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