The Black Market is Now Open (EU, NA)

Source: EU Portal

PS: Black Market is just premium tanks for credits.

Just now, we intercepted this odd message:

“Starting tonight, we’re in charge. We have just one rule, and one rule only:
Let the fun begin…”

These strange words seem to correspond with signs of forced entry. Someone or something is after our tank warehouse! We’re doing our best to prevent another attack, but we need more time to understand the full of extent of the event and figure out what changed.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for any rare tank out in the open, or nice bonuses being active – such as an x5 XP for the first daily victory. There’s nothing preventing you from using them, but you know, we would appreciate your support…

Now if you would excuse us, we have some tanks to get back.

24 thoughts on “The Black Market is Now Open (EU, NA)

    1. Interesting that they put this King Tiger in Tier VII. It looks more and more likely that Wargaming will actually down-tier Tiger I and Tiger II. I hope they will.

  1. Hmm interesting a couple of things may tempt me to visit the Premium shop

    Type 62 …. years been waiting, always missed it one way or another
    Ruskie SU-130 whatever fiction T8 TD from the marathon (OP as hell, well its da comrade Russian!

    hmm, nothing else WG don\’t rely deserve more cash from me until we get more & better & bigger Maps

  2. An M41 90 GF for 5 million credits – Quite a nice start to this event! I already have it, but for most people you can get premium tanks for free. Tip: If you see a nice tank, sell your tier 10\’s to get credits fast. You can get those back later anyway 🙂

  3. Btw, anyone noticed the MM seems now after the update today just like the old always bottom Tier -2MM

    cannot get 0MM which I love or even -1MM
    its all now -2MM today
    if this is a mistake and you know how bad WG can be they better FIX it quick

    not a Premium penny from me Mr WG cash cows
    bring back the \’fixed MM\’ asap!

    1. I\’m glad to hear that it\’s not just me who gets shit MM since last patch.
      Makes me remember those times a couple years back when a fired employee was actively sabotaging the game. Perhaps that happened again?

  4. And you can buy it onlye in-game store shizzle? so when i come back tomorow from work it can be sold out..

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