WoT – How to Play: UDES 15/16


2 thoughts on “WoT – How to Play: UDES 15/16

  1. Even at WG traditional 3x playback speed this fails to excite. But I would love to play the game WG has in these videos, where everything is fast and single shot insta-boom, swede meds shoot like master level KV2 at tier 3 noobs, successfully ambushing several murican autoloaders lead by a spotter LT, right.

    And to make a long story short, they tell us that the new tanks are basically crap, but with some advantage points. Hide in bushes on a far away hill for best results, with the whole team clicking on your map square to make you go do med tanks stuff up in front and reporting you for misconduct.


    1. And yet, whenever I face an UDES, it’s always in a position in which it can do exactly the thing described in the video. Good thing an E3 gives no crap about that trollish armor.


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