This is a post from a WW2 Wargaming 3d print group, where people make models share them and print them for playing tabletop wargaming.

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  1. I can’t see the problem. Wargaming proved hundreds of times that they will gladly hang for a shekel. Damage to the game, to reputation, nothing matters when quick money can be made. What did those people expect? WG protected it’s property, clear and simple. Judging from the outcome, not so bad, nobody goes to jail.

    1. Well WG as a company is a sinking ship anyway. All their other game projects have been failures with only WoWs seeing middling success but they quickly fucked that game up. Their only cash cow left is WoT and that game is slowly circling the drain so to speak.

      1. Well, not really. WG has good profits and good investors. It was was aroung for very long and it will be around for even more. And “slow circular motion” down the drain of WoT will keep going for years. Sadly, WG is also a bunch of assholes.

  2. It’s sad but as soon as WG is protecting its own designs there is nothing anybody can do. If it can be proven that those were different, then fine, go after the mofos. If not then get over with it because there is nothing you can do about it. ๐Ÿ™

  3. If people “stole” the models I guess it’s alright for WG to protect their investment. If people made their own models it’s another business entirely…

  4. An idea for WG lawyers: sue the USSR and all for stealing your tank designs! Weak case against Poland and Japan, I must admit, but US can cough up some cash, the rich bastards!

    1. 3D models from World of Tanks are intellectual property these people did not have permission to use, whereas the blueprints (also intellectual property) were granted to the developers to base their models off of.

  5. I remember once I checked through such a 3D-Model-Site and stumbled across the E 50 M… seems legit.
    (I don’t think it was this one though, it has been years)

    1. The E50M especially is a bad idea for anyone to recreate since WG own the design of the tank, they made it up completely and copyrighted it a few years ago.

      1. WG used the descritpions found in documents to create what the E-50M could theoretically become had it been made, if modellers give form to their own interpretation of the same design, instead of datamining WoT for their 3d model, they should not be able to strike them with a copyright claim, the whole problem is using the exact same design, which would obviously be incredibly dumb of whoever tries to make money out of it

  6. well, if they used the 3d models from WoT as the base to print their own then they have the right to “throw” the DMCA at them, it would be the exact same thing if it were models made by Gaijin for War Thunder, by EA for BF5 or even models made by amateurs/hobbyist modellers (like the ones on WT Live or modellers like Giganaut who publish theirs online) as long as they do not have their written consent
    they would (or have since I do not know how they get their models) only have a reason to complain IF they made their own models from scratch based on whatever material they use (photos, sketches, blueprints, etc)

  7. The post is short on details, what tanks were they and were they directly from WG files? Now, if they were real tanks like the Tiger and were not directly from WG files, WG has no standing. If they were based on WG files and the designs altered, then WG would have no standing. I fully support a company being able to protect it’s designs (intellectual property [IP], similar to a patent) but that only goes so far (just like a patent).

  8. fun fact the link you include into the post, has also the respond of the guy who made that facebook post and he explains what really happens..
    short story is that there are some guys who rip off 3d models from WoT and present them into this site. Wargaming tried to protect their property which was right, but they done it in the worst way banning everything includes “World”, “of”, “Tanks”. You can guess that they almost claimed half the site… ๐Ÿ˜›
    this isnt the story of someone greedy but someone stupid at the copyright department of WG. You can keep going hating.

  9. I have a lot of the models made by Bergman. They’re not WG models, they’re models of military vehicles that were made to be 3d printed. That means that they;re very different models from the WG ones because some details in games are made in textures and don’t have to adhere to tolerances fro printing nozzle head for different scales 1:100 and 1:200, pretty small. Even if the guys would have started with a WG models as a base there would be basically nothing original in the end.

    1. Again, ^ that’s not me. Seriusly dude, your level of desperate butthurt is amazing :O

  10. the 3d models you print are not copyright by wargaming, because it is transformative (a new medium)

  11. If you use WG’s 3d models to make a competing video game, that is 100% copyright infringement. using WG’s 3d models to print little toys is not infringement, because you are not denying WG the right to earn money from exclusive use in the 3D models for video games. WG doesn’t lose money every time you print out a 3d model, it doesn’t affect WG’s video game business model. in fact, WG has no right to do copyright strikes on youtube videos. you own the copyright to your replays and videos and commentaries because it was your decision making that led to the outcome of what happened in the replay, regardless of whether you used WG’s copyrighted game in the process.

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