Supertest News: T-116

Very soon, the T-116 light tank will enter the Supertest. This Tier III Soviet is a fast and dynamic vehicle created for reconnaissance needs. It has great top speed of 60 km/h and a decent view range of 320 meters. Its 45-mm gun is enough to score penetrating hits against adversaries of the same tier.


Please take note that the stats of the vehicles undergoing the Supertest may change. Follow the news and good luck in every battle!

Good Luck and Good Hunting, 

0 thoughts on “Supertest News: T-116

      1. Take the Black Monks Guild (B_M_G) clan for example. Their high wn8 and winrates (except a ridiculously low avg dmg of course) is based on tooning in very low tiers. It’s despicable that new players must meet these unbeatable trolls.

    1. New players who have to survive them and clubbers who go there to fondle their stats do.

      1. And there are so many of these stat padders/seal clubbers (even clans with max tier 2-3) in low tiers. I was trying to get an ace tanker on all tanks I had, including several tier 2. And met several 3-platoons of unicum stats, or blue players with winrate was high as 89% and avg tier 3 just slaughtering new players with their full skilled crews. Pretty sad and pathetic, especially when you look at their winrates on tier 8 and above…I think WG must prevent this as it surely will scare away new players.

        1. It’s always been a major issue (remember when T18 was a TD?), and WG nerfing the Tier 1s by giving them only one upgrade (the gun usually) did little, clubbers just moved to other tanks and the clubbing never stopped. This not only scares away new players, but discourages those who actually wish to stay and learn the game.
          I was not aware there were whole clans dedicated to this crap though, that’s just sad.
          Unfortunately, the change has to come from the players here, WG has no interest in the low tiers and has had none for quite some time, that they keep putting the Pz II J on sale as the mother of all clickbaits is proof enough.

          1. The PZII j is not as OP as it used to be, bottom tier it’s basically worthless, most tanks can pen it’s side and rear armor without even using APCR. And since 77-80% of the games is bottom tier this is not worth buying anymore…

            1. Which is why I called it “the mother of all clickbaits”. Pz II J is more or less one of the historic memes of World of Tanks, and there’s plenty of uninformed players who can fall for it when it goes on sale thinking “oh wow, with this I’ll be unstoppable”. WG knows it, and is perfectly fine with keeping as many players as possible in the dark.

  1. Players would care more about tier 3 tanks if WG would not bar lower tiers from most missions and specials. I guess they have enough players there, clubbing newbies for some sweet sweet stats.

  2. What will it be ? A gift ? A new tank to sell with a big bundle including more than 100 days of premium account ? Anybody has an idea ? I bet it will be a new tank they will simply sell…

    1. Most likely. I wonder what happened to the tier 2 French wheelie they promised. I can’t understand why they release these low tier premiums. Why not a tier 4 or 5 instead.

  3. imagine world of tanks vehicles being balanced in tiers 1-7. everything is so inconsistent.

  4. Prem tanks below tier 5 shouldnt even exist.
    Or shouldn’t be allowable for people with over X battles.
    Damn seal clubber plebs.

  5. Don’t play Tier 3
    its called SEAL CLUBBING newbie TOMATOES
    pointless freebee
    shame on anyone with 10k+ battles that play this tank more than a few times for .. ‘the lols’

    1. Low tier pro-clubbers more common than you think. WG should implement some restrictions to these players. I know for a fact several players I’ve introduced to the game who just said “fuck this shit” when they were clubbed by 3k wn8 players in a 3-platoon with two other unicums/blue players.

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