Blueprints: Everything You Need to Know

Researching new tanks is always very exciting and we’re introducing a new feature—Blueprints—to make it that much better! By collecting them, you’ll be able to get discounts when researching new vehicles.NOTE:The Blueprints concept is not yet finalized. This feature consists of many aspects and is under active development, so there will be adjustments in the future.

General Overview

Blueprints are special items (exclusive to Rewards for Merit) that will drop with a certain probability when playing Tier V-X vehicles. They are not purchasable for Credits, Gold, real money, etc.

Blueprints can be used to get discounts when you research new tanks, which means they save you time and boost your progression in World of Tanks. Pay attention: The discount will be granted on the research cost of the tank, but not its modules!

The more effective you are in battle, the more likely you are to get a Reward for Merit and each Blueprint you earn corresponds to a specific vehicle. These items are available for tanks of all branches and nations from Tier II to Tier X, including vehicles that you have already researched. NOTE:The higher the vehicle Tier, the more Blueprints it’s made up of and with every Blueprint you receive, your discount grows. This means if you collect every single Blueprint of a specific tank, you will receive a 100% XP discount on the research cost of the vehicle.

Blueprints for a specific tank are automatically applied. They immediately reduce the amount of experience needed to research it, but do not affect its cost in Credits. 

Track the Number of Collected Blueprints

To make it easier for you to keep track of how many Blueprints you’ve already collected for a specific tank, we’ll introduce a special progress bar, divided into sections. Each time you receive a Blueprint, one of the respective sections will be filled in.

If you earn a Blueprint for an already researched vehicle, it will turn into a universal or national Blueprint. 

  • Universal Blueprints are suitable for tanks of any nation.
  • National Blueprints can be used on vehicles of their respective nation.  

National and universal Blueprints won’t give you discounts until they are converted to Blueprints for a specific machine. To do this, you will need a certain number of each.

For vehicles of different tiers, the number and ratio of national and universal Blueprints will vary.

  • For example, in order to create a Blueprint of a Tier IV vehicle, you will need 1 national and 4 universal Blueprints.
  • For Tier V vehicles, you will need 2 national and 6 universal Blueprints.
  • For Tier X tanks, you will need 4 national and 12 universal Blueprints

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  1. Finally, some over-complicated more pay to win… Oh, shit!
    Somebody, make an Honest Trailers section for WOT.
    “We want your money and we are willing to sell every principle and our grandma! Our pay to win is best pay to win. Now, more of this shit!”

      1. Daddy issues as well. Honestly, your level of vocabulary is embarrassing, just be quiet if you don’t have something constructive to say, and without the usual father/mother insults.

  2. Pls tell me dear crybabys,how is it pay to win when you can’t buy blueprint’s only earn it?

    1. Bothered to watch the video at all? They will make a section in the shop and will make shekels on transactions.
      Simply put, they could just give a free research module on a tank you playing or up it’s research line, why introduce more currency types? Silver, gold, bonds, directives… KISS!
      And possibly, you can also buy blueprints, not exactly clear yet.

      1. “Bothered to watch the video at all? They will make a section in the shop and will make shekels on transactions. ”
        What transactions and currencies are you talking about? The new tab in the depot is just your collected blueprints organized in one place so you can see how your collection is growing and you can exchange your national and universal blueprints for a blueprint fragment of a vehicle.
        “And possibly, you can also buy blueprints, not exactly clear yet.”
        Did you read the article accompanying the video? It literally states that “Blueprints are special items (EXCLUSIVE to Rewards for Merit)” so you won’t be able to buy them.

  3. yes WG – lets become more complete noobs not knowing the fucking basics
    playing high tiers that they dont understand….

  4. nice idea….but the blueprints helping research tanks and not modules???….what is the point…..once you have all the modules on the tank it is fully combat effective and pleasure to play(except for some stinkers)….so what is the point of having a discount on research price for next tier???……do we really need MORE tier rushers???????????

  5. Not a bad concept, but it’d be so much more useful if it instead let you unlock the modules of a vehicle and shorten the stock grind.

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