16 thoughts on “Wolves of Odin – 3D style for Lansen C

  1. If the tank doesn’t suck yes… If the tank does suck they should make another variant for the Swedish tanks in general followed by ‘Skins’ for the other nations as well…

      1. For 3500 gold you are better off buying a Tier VI premium tank or trading in something you don’t want anymore.

  2. The skin looks great … except for the muzzle brake, which I think is a bit over the top. Otherwise, pretty cool though. But 3.500 gold … nah.

    1. Iirc the muzzle break for this tank is quite big in the first place, so this kinda makes a use of it. Reminds me of the Gold Type59’s barrel too lol

  3. Overpriced ridiculous crap IMAO, but does not brake gameplay and easily hidable via historic filter, so have your fun.

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