1.4.1: Public Test #1 Release Date

The public test of update 1.4.1 is scheduled for February 28, or worse postponed a week after. This will be a small interim update that fixes some technical errors and problems on the following maps:

  • Ensk;
  • Westfield;
  • Fisherman’s bay;
  • Mountain Pass;
  • Serene Coast;
  • Paris;
  • Pilsen;
  • Glacier;
  • Hinterland (Grand battles);
  • Widepark;

8 thoughts on “1.4.1: Public Test #1 Release Date

  1. During Tankfest they promised so many things like E100, IS-4 buffs and now it´s almost march and they didn`t even mention what they buff let alone implement it in the game. Absolute incompetent overpaid idiots.

      1. You also understand that WG’s word means nothing, right? I expect half (or even less) of their roadmap complete by the end of this year.

  2. Ensk; )) remove or limit to T6, or big to increase Map size
    Westfield )) bring back the old Map before it was hmm fixed;
    Fisherman’s bay; )) bring back the old Map before it was fixed to now be shit
    Mountain Pass; )) remove or delete all 3 corridors
    Serene Coast; )) bring back to before it was ‘fixed to be shit
    Paris; )) just remove this Rubicon embarrassment 2nd worst map in game )) Minsk yuk!
    Pilsen ; )) lets see shall we?
    Glacier; )) middle is needing work LT suicide area
    Hinterland (Grand battles); )) yay!! when please?
    Widepark; )) lol so much fun now its back to just T6, nice

    wish I worked at RG
    would change the £££ WG meme from endless Premium shit, to develop better bigger more enjoyable Maps and for all Tank classes
    )) not just ‘corridors’ for dumbed down to play stupid OP Ruskie Heavy Tanks and etc

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