EBR 75 marathon and QB’s analysis

9 thoughts on “EBR 75 marathon and QB’s analysis

  1. If someone makes videos for bad players, that does’t mean that hi is also noob. Look his stats, and then yours and se who is real nob there 😉


  2. And so begins the argument that he is a shill for WG and therefore gets preferential rng.

    He even mentions it in his video review of the ELC even 90, and if he thinks it, it must be true. That WG CAN manipulate rng as per situation.

    AHHH remember the days of games where an ingame moderator could manipulate all kinds of wonderful things?. Often with an F key hotkey system, or restricted console access.


  3. QB is a good player – but OMG whenever I see battles he’s shielding behind his team only helping himself (which is good for stats but super selfish) and when he makes a game-winning move he’s the most lucky bastard I have ever seen. I mostly dislike him because he’s obviously getting so damn lucky more often than myself and likes to put himself on a piedestal…

    I have always valued his tank reviews though because he’s thorough and tells you about all the most important features as well as showing you gameplay with ongoing commentry.
    It’s catering to inexperienced players maybe – but It’s nice to see 1 review and not needing to see another one due to a good concept of content…


  4. Yeah, I don`t like him either. Mostly because he seems so fakely positive about everything in the game (or as the guy above said it, a shill).

    And if you watch some of his streams you can see that it is hypocrisy; he is a lot more cynical there.


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