Frontline: number of points needed to reach level 30

WoT Express has prepared a list showing the points needed to reach the 30th level in the frontline mode. They compared it with last year and it looks like you have to get 11,570 more points to get to the last level.


48 thoughts on “Frontline: number of points needed to reach level 30

    1. Yes its normal, better prizes cause you needed to put more effort thats normal !! All person who find this shit is itself shit !
      On this new event WG give us possibility to earn lot of money, bonds, and prem special vehicles ! WHAT ELSE ?


      1. You can literally get all 10 prestige with normal amount of playing. You just need to prestige once every one of those 10 weeks of frontline throughout this year and you’ll get all the rewards.

        If you think the grinding is too hard then just hop in an arty before clicking battle and watch how easy it is to rank up.


        1. Its only easy if your teams lets it be easy. When enemies just cap every sector in a few mintues all you do is fall back the whole game. Good luck getting general. Same thing on attack, when your team just gets wiped everywhere you will not rank up even remotely fast. You are dependent on your team to the extreme in arty. Better off sniping in a regular premium tank and at least rake in credits. I have been paying close attention to the generals in each battle and 1 out of 10 is a SPG main during the game.


      1. 10 Weeks of frontline (which translates to a salary of about 5600 euros I guess) to get a reward I could pay 30-60 euros for, is simply not worth it for the time you have to put in.

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            1. That is an incredibly dumb comment. Art/entertainment does matter for everyone and being poorer does not mean you must work and slave away forever and ever like a machine. That is absolute madness.

              Plus, poor/suffering people tend to make better art on average to boot. For what it is worth. Eastern Europe is PC Gaming Land as well.

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              1. Geez, fuck me, this is going in circles. Wants to be not poor, but doesn’t want to extra mile to get out of poverty. What do you fucking want? Communism? That totally worked out well for Eastern Europeans, innit?

                Fuck me, guess Africa/SEA/South America is the home of master artists, not aids, crippling poverty or constant violence.


        1. Fuck, if you’re gonna translate gameplay time to salary you might as well not do anything other than work. What kind of retard logic is that? Then again, this blog is full of gaschamber leftovers.


      2. @NormieCuck: I understand that you might not be very smart, but do you really need to be that retarded? People want to play the game, but they might not want to nolife it for 5 hours each day for a whole week. That’s the difference.

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        1. I wAnt To PlAy tHe GmAe BuT I DoNt Wnat To

          Thats rich coming from a dickhead whining on a blog and thinking thats gonna accomplish shit


  1. 1: pure tier 8 MM !!!!!!!!
    2: tons of Bonds and some gold
    3: possibility of grinding some terrible tier 8 tanks which are pure pain in the azz on the random
    4: 200-300K credits for 1 battle + a lot of rewards for tiers
    5: me happy LOL

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  2. On 21st level you are on half way to 30th because you have 15k points then. I will skip this same like all marathons, because my time has more value than few pixels.

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    1. Jep, gave up yesterday. Even grinding some shit tier 8 gave me anger. I played Friday to Sunday and only got to level 16. I’m no tomato but I just couldn’t win many rounds. I think my win rate was at 10% max or even worse.


  3. Well ofc its hard long grind for plebs who cant get past sergeant/captain. If you get major or general thats like 30 battles over week. Not that hard.


  4. 30 battles, and how long does a battle last?.
    If a battle is 30 mins (guessing coz don’t have the TIME to WORK for WG) that’s 15 hours out of your week.
    If you work 40 hours a week, thats 55 hours out of your week gone. Almost 1/3 of all your time for the week, then you are “supposed” to also sleep another third of your week.

    And above formula is based on what ifs?. You gotta make certain ranks every game?.

    These marathons from WG do not sound very healthy at all. Let alone the anger, frustration of the rng, lag, Op vs UP tanks, gold ammo, lest we forget hacks, spgs, light speeders, autoloaders, russian bias etc that just wind you up and up as a player.

    Nope, not healthy nor relaxing nor fun. More like a second J-O-B. But you don’t even get P-A-I-D.

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  5. If youre trash casual then why even bother? Just play your 5 random battles per week, ruin your teams with your 45% wr butt and enjoy getting screwed by + 2 mm. Then go whine how everybody else suck in game except for you.
    And keep your salty tears coming i am thirsty for more.


  6. Only thing wrong with Frontline 2018 is the SPG cancer + Artillery strikes
    that ANY player can call up ~ never have I been Arty & SPG so much over and over ruins it for me at least .. and the spotter planes GENIUS idea from WG to make doubly sure everyone anywhere is spotted … thanks WG )not

    Other than that its great imo!, Frontline is THE only thing WG has ever come up with that’s genuinely Good for us the players ))don’t forget XVM is useless here as well

    It is a big grind though most players have jobs and it will be very hard to find 5 hours a day every day

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  7. 26 frontline games if you only get general. Down to 51 if you only get captain. 20min+ games.

    You only have a week.

    Even for the rewards the grind is insane. If the event lasted two weeks at a time instead of one it would still be hard but it would be doable. Right now you need to make it a full time job to reach the final reward.

    Took me 12-15 hours, maybe more (37 games) to reach first prestige. That’s a lot of time to put into the game in one week. And I’ll need to do more because I know I won’t make it every month. We don’t even know if the tier 9 reward will even be worth it.

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  8. So, as it was said, you need 26 games with General to reach Prestige.
    One game has a very maximum time limit of 12+2+2+2+2+2+4=26 + max. 6 overtimes with 1.5 minutes each (so additional 9 minutes) = an overall maximum of 35 minutes. Just for this calculation I’ll take game as 20 minutes, since it’s hard to get the General rank in less time (at least I don’t think I have seen one).
    So 26 games * 20 minutes means a total of 520 minutes to reach Prestige (almost 9 hours), but then again you have to be perfect in EVERY SINGLE GAME.
    If you reach Captain (“average”), the total game amount increases to 51 games – which, if the time is still 20 minutes, means a total playtime of 1020 minutes, or 17 hours per week. That’s a considerable amount of time, but I understand the intention – as always, WG REALLY doesn’t want you to get a tank for free easily (or especially 2 tanks in this case).

    To be fair, I wouldn’t be annoyed at Frontline too much, since it’s an awesome gamemode on a huge map the game needed badly, but when it’s dominated by premiums (Spagetto, Lorr. 40t, Skorpion (G), SU-130PM, etc.), especially who shoot gold mostly – it’s less fun. (Also it doesn’t help that even I have barely any premium Tier 8, except that T25 Pilot, which is mostly okay, but that’s my problem)

    And also on a unrelated note, I managed to get General while defending, playing… French Arty. Yes, I washed my hands after that match.


  9. There’s tons of people at prestige 2 and 3 already yet these people are crying that REWARD tanks are going to be too hard to get. Unless you’re working 90 hour work weeks 2-3 battles per night which profits 300k-500k credits PER BATTLE is a good deal.

    Have fun in your STA or Wz-111’s you baddies. I’ll be rolling around in my shiny new Emil prem AND T9


  10. First time we got camo only. With premium tanks. I would not expect it to be… as fast. And I’m fine with that tbh.

    Funny thing is that last time we had 4 straight weeks with the camo rewards at rank 1, 2 and 3. Now we have 10 event weeks with rank 10 needed for the tier 9. And considering the numbers WG showed the last time on how many did not even get 3rd rank for the last camo last time over 4 weeks. I’m amazed most of those expected it to be… easier this time around with less weeks pr ranks.


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