15 thoughts on “Developer Diaries: Matchmaker Evolution

  1. MM worked well in 9.18 ?!?
    Srsly !!!
    Dear WG, will we ever see a time when you finally get your head out from your ass ?

  2. Big hopes here really I have


    likely it will all be more watered down ‘MM promises’ where our expectations from there words, promises are going to be disappointing )yet again

    Sigh -there now fucking talking about yet More f’ing Template Match Making even though there unwanted shit MM Templates are a disaster since 1.0

    there game will disappear up there own hairy Ruskie backside if they keep this Template shit up

    1. and what is SO wrong with tier 8 not crushing poor tier 6? its the same that it’s good tier 10 does not devastate tier 8 so often.

      all I read about MM on SEA sounds much more convenient to players.

  3. The problem isn’t arty or even +/- 2 MM, even if you had same tier MM there would be issues. The biggest problem is the player imbalance. I have lost track of the number of battles where one team is stacked with players that have PR over 6k and a couple of players that have under 3k PR. The other team is stacked with players under 3k PR and if it’s lucky it will have a couple of players over 5k PR. I have seen this with tier X teams, so it isn’t just lower tier battles that have the problem.

    Then add on top of that the new “new player” initiative; Give new players a tier 6 tank of their choosing for completing the “boot camp”. BRILLIANT. Let’s just allow brand new players to play against people that have more experience. Why not just give them a tier 8 or tier 10?

    1. Arty and +-2 MM are pretty much the only problems this game has right now. Every other problem will be mitigated if those two are solved.

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