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  1. So to recap we will still get, the albeit a bit slower, racing machines that:
    – can turn/drive a circle doing ~80 to ~100Km/h+ on soft/med terrain and almost not losing speed
    – due to having very unhistorically high engine HP and thus HP/t,
    – and not having a turn radii (traverse) that get bigger the faster one goes.

    Now I do get that WoT is arcade-like in nature, that is fine, but I feel that these driving mechanics stretch that arcade-ness a bit too thin with these.

    What I would have liked to have seen: if they acted a bit more like actual off-road wheeled vehicles. But having the bonus of having exceptional top speed in a straight line. Accelerate faster on hard terrain, but slower on shitty soft terrain compared to a tracked tank. Also traverse speed increasing with speed, but being better then tracked vehicles at slower speeds. So circling is still an option.
    And then ofc. fit that into the arcade-like nature of World of tanks.

    1. why do people always try to find HISTORICAL shit in a game that already claims to be an Arcade, like have you seen Hit Points in real life? i dont think you must fire a enemy tank a certain ammount of times if you want it to explode in real life, if u want realism, you have “War Thunder”, otherwise WoT is an competitive arcade game. do not expect realism. like you have chinesse TDs and 59-Patton, those never even existed in blueprints. :/

      1. Clearly I did not write that I am FINE with WoT being Arcade-like.

        So…maybe re-read what I posted and not get super triggered by your own interpretations of it?

        Quoting myself: “Now I do get that WoT is arcade-like in nature, that is fine, but I feel that these driving mechanics stretch that arcade-ness a bit too thin with these.”

        That is my opinion and I would have liked to have seen a more logical, yet fitting the ARCADE- LIKE style of WoT, implementation of it’s driving mechanics.
        But to be honest, v4 of common test is better imo than the first version.

        Do I need to quote myself some more times? hahaha 😛

      2. @Nicolas: First of all, just because the game is currently a bit arcadish, doesn’t mean that all players are happy with that. Me personally would gladly see that WoT was made a bit more realistic, not in terms of complexity, but in terms of logic. Secondly, just because a game is currently a bit arcadish, doesn’t mean that they have to make it even more arcadish. Because if we think that way, what’s the next step? Helicopter-Maus?

    2. in real life it can do those speeds you blooming idiot… when it came out it was a stock configuration but it can be added on with different engines.. in real life it reaches 62mph top speed.. 105km top speed..it has that mobility.. for real..

      1. Why do you call him an idiot when it’s you who’s the idiot? Appearently you missed the fact that in real life it does not reach its top speed that quickly as it does ingame. It takes time to accelerate to speeds like that, and it takes a good piece of stright road to do it aswell, and when it has reached its top speed, it will not turn on a quarter either. For real!

      2. http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/coldwar/France/Panhard_EBR.php

        Where did I say I was against it going 105Km/h ey? Nowhere, unless you can quote me.

        I am not fond of it’s driving physics: in that it can drive tight circles going 80+ Km/h, on medium and or soft terrain.
        No I am not..NOT against it being able to reach 105K/m when driving on hard terrain in a “straight” line from location a to b.

        That should have been it’s trade mark, quick in quick out and when driving at slower speed having that very good traverse speed (turn circle) to circle jerk tanks.

      1. It’s sad you can’t come up with a constructive reply. So, what do You like about WV’s? 🙂
        Did you like v1 of 1.4 more or how it is now with v4 of 1.4?

        I do like the WV’s in general, their 3d models are fably done. The guns are okay, except tier9 being a bit weird with 240 alpha, but ok.

        Apart from that, the only thing I have an issue with drive tight circles going 80+ Km/h, on medium and or soft terrain.
        Wheel traction acts very different to tracks traction and although Arcade + WoT = fine. I think WV’s could have been made more unique and currently they act like IMO as even faster LT’s with the only difference is you have to drive forward or back to turn.

  2. Seriously how is WoT arcade game? Arcade games usually have a restricted play style and are easy to understand and play games. WoT is easy to play but has a lot of complexities that are more inline with more complicated video games. It seems to me that people need to stop capl.it arcade game just because WG says it so even if it’s. Not

    1. cheat mods? I play for quite some time, but haven’t come across many occasions, were I would even think about cheating.

      I’ve seen vids of redball and lasergun.mod (showing gun directions), but that was quite some time ago.

      not saying there aren’t any, but in many ways WoTs architecture (being server based) prevents many “normal” cheating.

        1. I did – on your request. just gave pkmods a look and tundra seems kinda pointless in many occasions. redball and especially destroyed objects are mods I would say need to be fixed. autoaim seems still to exit, but I don’t know, how well this works.

          and as I won’t use any of those, I will not know in the future, too.

  3. Tanks discounts need activate till the middle of the March, that what is saying on the game notification center, so articel author shouldnt lie for readers.

    1. You mean I will be buZZZing around in new french lights?))))))))))))))))))) Yeah, sorry, it’s the best I have right now.

  4. Interesting to hear this news but the comment section full of “tank experts” was far more entertaining.

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