How to improve your gameplay


Serbian masochistic punishment for bad WOT gameplay


11 thoughts on “How to improve your gameplay

    1. He is there from beggining, and he knows still_mojo irl, and i think they played together before clan was made. But i am not 100% sure.


  1. How to improve your gameplay?
    Step 1: learn the mechanics
    Step 2: properly equip tank and crew
    Step 3: learn the maps (this takes practice)
    Step 4: learn the armor and penetration (kinda not relevant anymore)
    Step 5: after one or two bad games in a row take a break/quit for the day, don’t get mad because it will only get worse
    That’s what I used and it worked wonders. For step 1 you can read the wiki or watch a youtube vid. For steps 2-3-4 you can watch some top-tier stream and ask/request to get an idea.


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