0 thoughts on “Defender is back – Unwrap your boxes

  1. Dear god why?……Why can’t Wargaming do the right thing for once and stop knee-capping their own game at every turn….

          1. In this case it’s like buying a chocolate bar with a chance to win a prize inside. Just a more… exciting and addictive version. People on RU are gonna eat this shit up, I’m telling ya and WG will raise couple hundreds of millions of dead presidents. You can’t have too much hookers & coke.

  2. The Unique Styles for IS-7 / Grille 15 and BC / T57 are very interesting, but the premium Tanks are not, no Type59 and the IS3A is already in my garage (it was the worst buy ever – after the Patch maybe not so much anymore)

  3. Good thing only the IS-3A is missing for me. I wont need to spend hundreds of euros for it when they’ll sell it for 40โ‚ฌ in a month or two anyway.

      1. You surely are not uptodate with the playerbase of WoT. Let me tell you, that 2017 Winter was one of the worst winter players online in WoTs history. You ask why ? Let me tell you.

        1) No new content. No Tank lines or Trees. No Maps. No Balance Changes.
        2) Loot Boxes lock new content behind a gambling paywall.
        3) Clickers still not nerfed.
        2018 new addition
        4) Type 4&5 HE still not balanced. 430U still not balanced.
        5) SU130PM was a marketing stunt, its a garbage Tank and no where near Skorpion G. All these paid and gifted reviewers lied to the players. Starting from the false 65kmh advertisement.

        It’s all the small things too that WG ignores and doesn’t listen to the playerbase. Keeping their Pay2Win with Goldammo and buffing Armor while adding better and better tanks while the old rust. Who would choose 268 over 286 v4 ?

        Mark my words, this Winter will be the worst in WoTs history related to playerbase compared to all previous.

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