Supertest: 🇬🇧 Chimera 2.0

In the 1.3 update, we rewrote the conditions of the personal combat missions of Excalibur operations and improved the characteristics of the prizes from the first campaign. Now the time has come for the Chimera.

We want to emphasize the characteristic feature of this machine – high damage that should terrify rivals. Therefore, the parameters of the gun have been improved.

Improved targeting parameters, penetration and view range, and increased missile muzzle velocity. Shooting on medium distances will be easier, but to play on sniper positions, it’s still not enough – you’ll have to play the role of mobile fire support.

Chimera. Suggested changes:

Tier: MT-8, Great Britain
HP: 1 400
Engine: 900 hp
Power-to-weight: 15,95 hp / t
Max speed/Min speed: 50 / -20 km / h
Hull turning speed: 30 °/s
Turret turning speed: 26 °/s
View range: 380 (+20) m

Hull armor: 114 / 76 / 50 mm
Turret armor: 203 / 76 / 76 mm

Alpha Damage: 440 / 440 / 530
Penetration: 218 / 252 / 64 mm
Reload time: 15,5 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,36 (-0,02)
Aiming time: 2,5 (-0,2) s
Depression/Elevation: -10 / +20
Aim dispersion during movement and hull rotation: 0,2 (-0,04)
Shell velocity: 732 / 914 / 732 -> 950 / 1100 / 950 m /s

0 thoughts on “Supertest: 🇬🇧 Chimera 2.0

  1. I want the 490 back, or maybe 480 to be same as Badger (even though Badger is a 123mm not a 127) it’s a massive cannon, so it should have big damage.

    I think damage is one thing that should go by almost solely by calibres since damage in the sense used in the game to me should be equivalent to the size of the hole.

    Same with the tier 8 HT 128s, sure they are low power 128s, not like the JgTig, but I still think they should be 490 damage.

  2. why not 460 alpha and make every plate on the front turret 203 instead of 203 effective, doesnt make sense

  3. why they didnt make this a heavy to start with…. They said it was designed to fight the IS3 and is the size of a heavy make it so…
    Buff armor and pow heavy tank

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