Grand Battles with a Twist

Source: EU Portal

A new variant of a seen-before mode is ready for testing, commanders! It’s pretty much the Grand Battles you know, but instead focused on Tier VIII combat. The mode will be available for a week only, from 13 November to 20 November, and with your feedback, we will see what the future holds.


  • Mode: Random Battles (Grand Battles are available alongside Standard, Encounter, and Assault modes)
  • Teams: Up to 30 players on each side
  • Vehicles: Tier VIII only
  • Maps: Klondike and Nebelburg
  • Objectives: Capture the enemy base or destroy all enemy vehicles

To get into the battle, you will obviously need a Tier VIII tank. But to make sure you are able to get matchmade into Grand Battles, tick the box shown below.

Also, with the addition of the Tier VIII-centered conflicts, there will be a limit in each battle of 3 artillery per team! It’s also worth noting that when compared to previous Grand Battles events, unfortunately, there will be no Bond rewards for this time.


As with Grand Battles before, there are two dedicated maps: Klondike and Nebelburg.



Tune (or dust off) your Tier VIIIs in preparation and make use of your time all week long with Grand Battles!

0 thoughts on “Grand Battles with a Twist

  1. Finaly this gamemode might serve a purpose.
    At tier X it’s just a pointless credit sink.
    At tier VIII with this few arties it could be a good way for people to farm their personnal missions, and for premiums to make a lot more money than in random.
    I might just turn the mode on again, for the first time since it was added. Gonna have to remember to turn it off every time I play a tier X though because obviously they wont split tiers into different buttons.

  2. I will give it a go (but I predict it to be infested by Defenders and 50TP pr-s and a touch of Scorpion G-s and it wouldn’t be a party without some ELC EVEN 90-s)……I would rather play another season of frontline

    1. Yes, but in those big maps viewrange and sniping capabilities will be much more important. So Defenders and such tanks will be more ‘balanced’ in this way.

    1. Well, there was an actual demand for bigger battles on bigger maps. Only the way they implemented that idea was how Wargaming wanted it.

  3. I think this will be good. Guaranteed single tier games are always good. Grand Battles in tier 10 didn’t work because of the credit sink, but I think it will be great for credit grinding and crew training in tier 8 prems.

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