LT-432 in premium shop on NA?

Sometime in November: A New Premium Tank Arrives!

Pre- and General Sale!

Premium Account owners can get a hold of a new vehicle before non-Premium Account holders. Said vehicle will go on general sale after the Pre-sale period.

Any guesses as to what it may be? Put your predictions in our forum topic!


26 thoughts on “LT-432 in premium shop on NA?

  1. Why do people want the isu130? Don’t look too impressive compared to other td’s. I’m actually asking and not trying to be an ass.


      1. Ok ๐Ÿ‘Œ My mistake. I actually never seen that tank before I goggled it now. So a Russian Skorpion G with better camp rating and alpha. Now I understand.

        A tad sceptical, but I won’t make a fuss this early. Hope it will be balanced.


  2. The tracks seem to be pretty wide and the turret reminds me more of something like a T95/Chieftain… and look at that hull bottom, it’s curvy like by US tanks…


    1. It has coincidence rangefinders on the turret so it’s not a Chieftain turret.
      The T95 doeesn’t have the duckbill shape of other American tanks, but it does look American.


    1. But that’s not really new, if it’s a updated IS3A . Well depends how you look at it. Either way I will be happy when that comes out, the IS3A is very meh at best.


  3. M48A2 right? with a smaller cupola, take a look at M48A2/T54E2/T123E6 visual model at wot gg, it’s the same hull/chassis, and then take a look at T95E2 turret, it’s the same, just smaller cupola, M48A2 at tier 8 confirmed ^-^

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    1. +1 it looks like it elliptical hull like m48A2 like you said and if you look closely the turret looks like t54E2 120 turret, and if you look even closer you can see machine gun cupola and even closer you can see 2 turret observation devices definetly not LT 432 has got to me American and I believe you are right about it Being the T54E2 120 I feel you are right.

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  4. I’d ignore the picture, they could put anything to throw people off.
    Could be the Panhard? That’s been in testing for longer than the LT 432 (and the LT still has some balancing before it goes on sale (if it even will be for sale, could still be a reward tank for all we know).


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