Supertest: 🇫🇷 Prototype Panhard EBR 75

This time, the version without an autoloader. The vehicle name may also change.

Tier X armored car. Parameters:

Tier: LT-10, France
HP: 1 300
Engine: 850 hp
Mass: 15,012 t
Maximum load: 17 t
Power-to-weight: 56,62 hp / t
Max speed/Min speed: 75 / -50 km / h
Hull turning speed: 34 °/s
Turret turning speed: 83,4 °/s
Maximum wheel turning angle: 35 °
Time it takes to switch to normal (city) mode: 0,3 s
Time it takes switching to the fast reconnaissance mode: 0,3 s
Terrain resistance values: 0,959 / 1,295 / 1,87
View range: 350 m
Radio range: 782,1 m

Hull armor: 40 / 16 / 40 mm
Turret armor: 40 / 20 / 20 mm

Gun: 105 mm D. 1504

Alpha Damage: 420 / 420 / 520
Penetration: 198 / 240 / 53 mm
Rate of fire: 5,0 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 2 100
Reload time: 12 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,326
Aiming time: 1,15 s
Depression/Elevation: -8 / +12


Crew: 4 members – Commander, Gunner, Driver, Radio Operator.

Aim spread:

after firing : 2,301;
during the rotation of the turret: 0.029;
while the vehicle is moving: 0.058;
during vehicle rotation: 0.058;
during turret rotation at maximum speed: 2.3;
at the maximum vehicle speed: 4.32;
at the maximum vehicle rotation speed: 1.96.

Camouflage values:

Camouflage of a the vehicle while standing still: 33%;
Camouflage while in motion: 33%;
camouflage of the still vehicle while shooting: 6.53%;
camouflage of of the vehicle, shooting during motion: 6.53%.

This is the first test iteration, so the stats might change in the future.

0 thoughts on “Supertest: 🇫🇷 Prototype Panhard EBR 75

  1. How are they going to get this new class balanced when they consistently fail to balance the game as it is? This looks to me like it’s yet another fail in the making.

      1. Whether 56hpton or 30hpton, it will hit and stay at 75kmh the same as any light tank, but reach it 1-2 seconds faster in exchange for being fucking useless offensively and passively. You can’t even pen the majority of mediums and you’ll spot a tier10 heavy the same time as he spots you.

  2. -those pen values would be considered bad at tier 8 these days. You cannot possibly make this work at tier X. Mobility won’t save it, gold luck flanking a Type5 on a map like Himmesldorf.
    -I hope the 75km/h is with the “mobility” mode. If “fast” mode doesnt reach at least 90km/h then it’s simply pointless.
    -They still try to go for the “active scouts dont need view range” thing. 350m view range. Some tier 5s have better view range. And current tier X scouts are good enough at rushing and dying in 2 minutes with their maxed view range, I dont see how forcing them to rush and die will improve gameplay.

    I hope they’ll just cancel this whole thing.
    Arty may be gamebreaking and toxic, and I already hate it when I see it in game because I’d rather have an extra medium or heavy in my team. But unlike LTs, arty wont die in a minute and will do damage and assistance…

  3. This should be fun and get a lot of things done. Didn’t expect that kind of alpha damage, but I like it a lot. This thing is not meant for blasting holes into super heavy tanks.. And if it must it can do.

  4. 420 alpha on a 105mm gun. Could you stop fucking up those goddamn damagevalues? I already hated it when they did it with the polish techtree. At least same caliberguns in the same tier should have a fixed damagevalues god dammit.

    1. well it was already the case before the polish tree.
      wz-120 has 440 alpha on a 122mm at tier 9, object 430 has a 122mm at tier 9 and does 390.
      the maus has a 128mm gun at tier 10 with 490 alpha, the panzer 7 has a 128mm gun with 560, while the wz5A at tier 10 with a 130mm gun has 490,
      the tier 9 and 10 italian meds have 360 alpha with a 105 while amx-30, patton, leopard and centurion have 390,
      the bat ap has a 100mm that has 300 alpha while the skoda t-50 has 100mm with 320,
      the tvp vtu concept has a 105mm with 320 alpha while the revalorisé has 390.

      you get the point.

  5. on the one hand 350 meters view range is absolutely horrendous, and 198 pen is a complete joke, it would bad for tier 8 standard,

    but the idea of a single shot 420 alpha gun is realy nice i think

  6. I still have no idea how WG expects this to be an ‘active scout’. With that kind of view range, it has to either passive scout with binoculars or die pointlessly in a YOLO-rush. And as of the gun, I’d almost be tempted to think they might have wanted it to specifically counter glass-cannon TDs and other light tanks, but how’s it supposed to do that if our dedicated scout needs someone else to spot them? Also the extra movement modes are pointless gimmicks that’ll only get in the way. Why not just stick to one mode that’s actually useful for something.

    My advice to WG is that if you want the armored cars to be dedicated scouts, give them best-in-class view range. If they want the armored cars to deliberately hunt down and counter scouts and/or snipers, view range is still just as important. So is DPM for that matter. Besides this, 9.18 should have been a case study that the existing light tanks are weak as hell in the current meta.

    As of the regular light tanks, buff the hell out of them. When the premium lights seem unremarkable, then you’ve done your job right. The paradigm should be extremely high DPM but poor penetration. Lights should be trying to get behind you and when they do they should be rewarded for it.

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