Data: WoT Server Population (EU/NA)

Data collected from over the last ~500 days (Began June 2017) contains peak number of WOT players for EU and NA servers, per day. I averaged this data by month for comparison purposes to see how the WOT population is doing since a lot of people are always talking about how “WOT is dead” or “WOT is dying” etc.

The data speaks for itself. Both servers are remaining pretty constant with their population peaks, with roughly only a 10% decline year over year for both servers. I added trend lines for reference to show the slight decline in population.

Overall, I think it’s safe to say the game is not “dead” by any stretch of the imagination.

Thanks to Dakado24 (Wotcharts.Eu) for the data and Seb for a lot of things.


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      1. For now, all its gonna take is for them to fail to deliver on their promised match maker fixes, YET AGAIN. And that number will start falling like Hillary Clintons presidency chances in 2016.

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          1. @Babu, I think Dracon was referring to how the polls were \”predicting\” a landslide win for Hillary, which means that the popular vote shouldn\’t have been even remotely close let alone the EC vote.

          2. you do realize why they have electoral college votes right? its so every state has a say in the results, not just the 3 Biggest states= that are all liberal.. imagine the country being run based on NY, CAL and IL… f that

        1. 1. The amount of decrease on NA (About 100/month on average) is slow enough to EASILY sustain enough of a population for 10 years + assuming it stays constant (Asia server usually has ~3000 people and the AUS server has even less). Even if it increased to 150 a month, it would still be ok.

          2. # of players is not indicative of how much money WG is making from NA players, which is what really matters.

          1. I agree that a lot of it is about the money, and here\’s the catch – I think it is getting increasingly difficult for Wargaming to monetarize their player base. With fewer and fewer new players coming into the game, Wargaming increasingly depends on long-time players, many of which have already spent lots of money over the years, so there is a high degree of market saturation – after all, how many premium tanks does the average player really need? Given the fact that Wargaming has grown into such a huge company – i\’ve read somewhere that they have 4.600 emplyoees – the slow, I suspect the slow but steady erosion of revenues is a hugh headache. Expect the premium tank spam to get worse.

            1. Peak numbers (shown here) and new player data are two different things. We don\’t have any information on new player accounts.

              World of Tanks raked in $461 million dollars last year and as of Oct 1st is still the tenth highest revenue game in the country. I don\’t think anyone in the building is much concerned about the slow (and expected for an online game) decline in the player base.

  1. As far as we are concerned on the NA server . NA is dead . The teams have flipped on their head and the game isnt fun anymore when every battle is so overly lopsided It\’s not even funny . And every time you lose your losses cant justify to keep playing . I alone have 303 tanks in my garage and I just will not play cause I cringe at the thought of another rollover . It wasnt ever this bad till last year . Now its all the time and the teams fold in a couple short minutes . You cant carry bad team play . Ive quit spending money on the game because of it . My PR and WN8 have steadily keep dropping everyday . I didnt learn a game to watch my progress go to Hell . Here it is Saturday evening and we didn\’t even break 15k ppl on . It\’s never been that bad , Ever . We went from thousands of quality players down to a few . Nobody want to play Tier 10 events anymore . All the good prizes are gone . We win some special camo . That\’s no big deal to us . We like to feel we\’ere getting a value for our dollar and time as most of us look at it . The value kinda stinks . We used to have real good weekend sales that rotated out on sort of a schedule . But the last several months it mostly crew XP and nothing else useful that the players need . Overall most of us feel WGing hates us as a whole and we continue not to support them anymore . From 9.18 was about the final straw for many of us that and the MM . Frontlines was a breath of fresh air and made the game the way it was meant to be played for all classes of tanks . That brought many of us back into play . But its gone , so everything goes back to business as usual and we continue to watch the sinking ship . I dont know , many may disagree . But facts are the numbers dropped sharply . Charts might show otherwise . But how many of those people logged in and out before another logged back in . Carts dont show that . They just show an over all and not how many are on at what times . Peek hour today and it didnt go over 15k .

    1. I mean, Asia server has an even smaller. Highest peak of 20k players and that\’s about the average peak players on NA. Meanwhile average peak is only 13-14k on Asia, and then there\’s the Aus perifery server in there which I play on (because fuck 140 ping over 15 ping) and that struggles to see 1k players on a weekend

    2. If it\’s fun you\’re after, this might cheer you up. Next time the test server is up play low-tier games with 4 or 5 players per team and the rest bots. Provided you don\’t suicide scout as a human player, you get decent games. There are no roflstomps but on the downside there are a lot more drawn games. If you are a winrate wh*re, your stats will take a battering.
      In any case, it was a much more enjoyable gaming experience playing with real bots than with the live server population (which probably doesn\’t say anything positive about me as a person!). So I expect WG will introduce this to the live server if or when the player population falls far enough.

  2. The drop in players probably follow the usual pattern of good players leaving at a higher rate than the low skill/low IQ majority which typically have a higher percentage of whales than the average of the other player groups. Wargaming could easily be losing 50% of their income with that kind of player attrition.
    Also #FuckWargaming

    1. We do have their income numbers from industry watchdogs (SuperData and the like) – their revenue is down, but its kinda like Bill Gates losing a $20 bill. Its a drop in the bucket.

  3. Can these complete and utter morons shut up and stop talking about doom.. It\’s not only wrong, it\’s pathetic as well. It\’s not cool to eat shit you don\’t like.

    Great to finally have some numbers to point out.

  4. i play NA server and i haven\’t seen the population over 16k in quite some time. not sure whre you guys are getting your numbers from

      1. Thats 22 for the NA and SA server both . That chart is not separate . It\’s 15,529 for the NA .

        1. … 884 people on SA server right now.

          15105 on USC.

          6642 on USE.

          15105 + 6642 = 21747

          Math is hard.

  5. There are other sources that go back to 2015 which show a steady decline in NA server population. The rate of decline has seemed to slow down. Long gone are the days of 40,000+ players on the NA server on big event weekends. We can\’t seem to get 22,000 players on during a clan wars campaign and game event.

  6. NA server pops are slowly dying because young casuals have moved onto the next big multiplayer thing and older players are sick of being yanked around by WG\’s crappy pricing and reward strategies. Random battles are boring and frustrating and these special holiday/event modes are distractions to all but the most hardcore WoT players who possess very little resembling a social life.

    Frontline breathed new life into NA during the brief trial period earlier this year. It was epic in scale, dynamic and EXCITING. Best of all, your team\’s performance wasn\’t crippled by tomatoes and bots. Last but not least the losses didn\’t sting like random matches. A good contribution, even on a loss, was rewarded with a handsome amount of XP & credits. If WG wants to revitalize the NA server then bring Frontline back ASAP (yes, I know it\’s coming back but not soon enough) but break it down into three separate tier brackets; 6-7, 8-9 and 10 only.

  7. There is no point to playing WoT like a muppet. 10 battles a day is already too much to bear for me with all the broken MM, OP tanks like the Defender and 430U, ultratomatoes and bots.

  8. \” The thing wrong with this game is it has become stagnant and stale, boring and predictable.\”

    Sorry your numbers are wrong by a long shot.
    You can just go in game and see that numbers are down since they have taken all NA servers and made them into one server and the players numbers are the same.
    So that shows that the numbers are down with out having to ask WG for player numbers to base your stats on and having WG employees help you only shows you have no idea how to show stats with out help from the bought WG employees.
    So what you have said here is all gibberish.

  9. Keep in mind, the +10% boost can be due to an event and OLD PLAYER COMING BACK… and leaving again. I seen this in MANY other gams happening. big updates spike interest for new and old and only the core remains

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