Supertest: Fisherman’s Bay Map Revision

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Today we’re commencing the Supertest of the Fisherman’s Bay map revision, aimed at improving the balance between the teams. The game stats show that currently it’s slightly biased to favor the southern side which has better spotting and firing positions versus enemy vehicles trying to enter the city blocks in the east. The problem of being ‘lit up’ and getting damaged very early when driving to the town exists for both teams (and we plan to address it by making the approaches safer). Yet, the combatants hailing from the north have it worse.

We’ll also improve the interplay between the town and the village in the center of the map.

So what changes are we going to test?

The approaches to the town will be protected from early spotting from the village. We’ve added new covered positions and trees, and we’ve also changed the landscape here.
The defensive positions in the outskirts of the town which are controlled by the northern side in the beginning of a battle have been improved. We’ve removed shoot-throughs from the northern part of the town so that you can contain an attack from the south more efficiently.
The spawn points for both teams have been moved closer to the red lines. This will make driving off them less stressful.
The eastern side of the village now has a new building. It’ll partially block the vehicles en route to the town from spotting and long shots. It also will make your village-town transfers safer.
As you can see, there are several modifications and their primary purpose is to make the map more playable for both teams. At the same time, some of the changes are to alleviate the advantage of the southern team in a separate part of the map. The test results will show what will come out of it.

0 thoughts on “Supertest: Fisherman’s Bay Map Revision

    1. Not holding my breath. Their map design right now is basically \”here\’s a town for the heavies to play in and here\’s a wide open field with lots of camping positions on both sides where the other three classes can be useless.\” Fisherman\’s Bay, Erlenberg, Fjords, Pilsen, Minsk, and Studzianki all follow this pattern. The only new map that doesn\’t is Glacier, but even that is basically impossible to push outside of the heavy corner.

  1. So, nerf the one position on the map that mediums and lights can play successfully because the heavy tanks can\’t be bothered to not drive across an open field?

  2. I quit the fucking game until 3,5,7 is removed and the fucking maps are fixed. I don\’t expect to play for at least 6 months or longer, except when Frontline is brought back.

  3. Wargame work really hard to fuck up the Maps more and more with each \’patch\’ for us, so as they become \’shit\’ then \’complete shit\’

    …………… and all you lot do is moan
    I don\’t know ……….

  4. WG think process:

    \”Dimitri, we need to rework Fishermans Bay to HD\”
    \”Ok comrade, we will remove some houses from the middle\”
    \”Oh Dimitri, map is too open, we need to pu the houses back\”
    \”Thats a very good idea comprade, lets do this\”
    \”But Dimitri, wasnt the old map layout better ?\”
    \”Shut up or I will fire you!\”

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