Panhard EBR 75 – tidbits

Three new technical parameters, new interface elements and a comparison with other light tanks of the 8th tier in russian:

New technical characteristics:

  • Maximum steering angle of the wheels;
  • time switching to normal (city) mode;
  • time switching to fast (reconnaissance) mode.

Each vehicle will have two driving modes, so let’s call them Normal and Fast :

  • The normal mode will allow you to better maneuver, which is useful in tight alleys and streets. Is a must on city maps! In this mode, vehicles will reach speeds of 65 to 70 km / h.
  • Fast mode will increase speed to over 100 km / h. But at this speed there will be a little lack of control that you would normally have.

The task of wheeled vehicles is active reconnaissance , which results in a worse view of the battlefield compared to lightly armored tanks.

But their task is to be closer to the action so that they can fulfill their task of active reconnaissance . This role in the game uses their high speed and maneuverability and low height.

Interface Elements

Comparison (Russian)

Source: wotclue


18 thoughts on “Panhard EBR 75 – tidbits

  1. I cant speak russian so please correct me if i am wrong. the screenshot shows that the Panhard does NOT have better camouflage rating than regular light tanks. the camo has to be like 25% or more if i am meant to actively scout with 310m view range.


      1. Can you even read? I am not complaining because of the view range. But i am convinced that 70-100km/h is not enough to not get hit when you are like 280m close spot the enemy. we will need good camo to not instantly die.

        With these values, when you are going 80km/h you will be spotted from ~350m distance. then you have to drive another 50-70m to even light up the closest enemy. (if he is not in a bush). you cant survive that. and the 100km/h is useless in this case because you drive frontal into the enemy and need to turn fast to avoid any shot whatsoever. my prediction is that wheeled vehicles will either have better camo or will be super underpowered.


      1. “But their task is to be closer to the action so that they can fulfill their task of active reconnaissance . This role in the game uses their high speed and maneuverability and low height.” -In other words : Suicide Scouts.


    1. well, let’s just see how aimbots counter RNG – if you move fast enough, the dispersion of the enemy will be big enough to make many shots miss you. and unlike tanks this thing will NOT stop, if you hit the frontwheel. so good luck … (unless you hit him with a big derp – with paper armor, this will make nuke the Panhard *eg* – IF you hit …)


  2. These things are going to be a plague. They will annoy the heck out of people without adding anything to gameplay. The Frenchies are bad enough: can you imagine the OP paper Russian designs they have ready to drop?


  3. I still expect that these will be extremely situational, inflexible, and difficult to use. And what’s more, this is a missed opportunity to bring back the concept of dedicated scouts. Exclusively active-scouting is an incredibly stupid idea. In the current meta, its basically going to be YOLO-rushing and hoping for the best. But if the wheeled lights (and regular lights too, for that matter) actually had a view range advantage, then the situation would be very different.


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