Crew kits on RU server


A weird offer, you buy a package with zero skill crew and exp for another skill, but the crew is pre-trained for a certain tank of a nation, so you waste the gold from the package to retrain them for their tank? FTW (no it’s NOT: For The Win)



16 thoughts on “Crew kits on RU server

  1. Ever more desperate clawing and money grubbing from Wargaming. Business must be dire if they need to stoop so low to grasp so blatantly for money.

    Best stop spending money on WoT as the ship seems to be sinking ever faster judging from Wargaming’s newer ideas for things to sell.

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  2. They _have to_ make always more money. If their division made e.g. 25 M $ with the Defender in 2016 (was it 2016 ?), they had to do more in 2017 (say hello to loot boxes, E25…). Otherwise their activity could just stop in favor of another showing a better growth. That’s how it works with capitalism: what matters is the growth, only the growth. We are going to see a headlong rush that will only stop with the end of WoT. Ready your purses!

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    1. Ready your purses? Ready for what moron. You buy whatever shit you want to buy and you don’t buy whatever shit you don’t want to buy.

      If you’re not happy go play tic tac toe.

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  3. Looking on from the sideline, as a former player, it is even more funny and laughable to see all the hoops they are trying to jump through…albeit in en cynical way.

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  4. I miss the info of how much you have to pay for that package in the article.

    22,50 € they would like to have for that package. I wounder why the price is the same for all 4 nations while the amount of crew members differs between 4 to 6.

    Why they cant not just sell 4 crewmembers what then appear as crew members you can recruite. Lke it is now with the rewards of the 2nd campaign.


        1. You also can grind the team skill by playing, not the point. They sell a trained crew, so far pay to win, nothing new. BUT, pre-trained for a prem, here the avarice gets off the chart, why not just sell a crew without this vehicle lock? Because they can. And the peasants rejoice!


  5. ‘T-54 is the first sample’
    I know this must be some translation error, but damn, it made me chuckle.

    As for the blatant cashgrab attempt: Well, what do you honestly expect from a game developer whose decisions are made by the marketing and not the designer/balance departments?


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