Wargaming opens a studio in the UK

Wargaming opens a studio in Guildford (Surrey): Wargaming UK. The main objective of the studio will be to begin work on a multiplatform MMO project, using the Unreal Engine with a free-to-play monetization model. No details about the new game so far.

At the head of the studio will be Sean Decker, a veteran in the field of video games. For 12 years he worked at EA performing various roles, including as a senior producer at Maxis (working on SimCity), executive producer at DICE, and then vice president and general manager at DICE (where he worked on games such as Mirror’s Edge and Battlefield). He was also vice president at EA LA and vice president of EA’s Play4Free. In 2013, he worked on EVE Online. Officially he joined Wargaming in May.

The core of the new studio will be a team of 25 people. They are still employing according to the wargaming.ru website.

Pic of Sean Decker:

Source: wot.express