Supertest – Т-50-2 (is back)


It’s a coveted vehicle, loved by many a tanker. Lots of folks keep a place for it in their hearts and Garages, so he’re the first info on the return of the old-school Soviet spotter! There’s a good chance it will make a triumphant comeback, provided… well, we’ll tell you more about that some time later. For now, let’s brief those not yet familiar with the T-50-2.


We had lots of reasons to remove it from the game 5 years ago: this tank was ahead of its time and did not fit in with the gameplay of that era. Also, it was unique and because of that, it was becoming overly popular. The decision to part with it was a hard (and sad) one. But those days have long passed, and today the T-50-2 is on its way back. We mean it: we’re really starting the Supertest for the refurbished T-50-2!


What’s It Like?
The new T-50-2 is a highly mobile Tier VI light tank made for active spotting. It also has decent combat efficiency: you can light enemies up, but you can also beat them up, surviving by being agile and compact.

The Supertest stats for the T-50-2 suit the battle tier range for Tier VI light tanks. Let’s see how it rolls! In any case, it’s THAT T-50-2: tiny, fast, and elusive.

“Lock on the railway crossing! Will light it right after the countdown!” If you played 5 years ago, you’ll get goosebumps seeing this in the chat window, realizing that your teammate is commanding a T-50-2. It doesn’t matter that those spotted won’t be dangerous Tier Xs. The T-50-2 will do it in style, regardless!

Some day… :justwait:


Stay tuned!

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  1. \”“Lock on the railway crossing! Will light it right after the countdown!” If you played 5 years ago, you’ll get goosebumps seeing this in the chat window, realizing that your teammate is commanding a T-50-2.\”

    What are they smoking? Who would get goosebumps just because of a chat message and a tank? LUL

    1. Well, T-50-2 was BEYOND EPIC, a truly iconic tank, as iconic as it’s removal. Maybe it won’t give me goosebumps since I never had it, but at least a nostalgic tear, why not?

  2. WGs official statement for it\’s removal was : It had unhistorical speed and needed to be exchanged only because of this. In exchange we got a ugly ass turd that was not at all like T-50-2, this was the time the clickers started to kill this game. WoT – Revenge of the Clickers

    1. From my personal experience, I witnessed arty hate only after the T-50-2 removal. I guess that back then, players were blaming bad scouts to complain about arty… 😛

  3. I have a feeling these and the new tier 8 russ light prem and wheeled vehicles may finally help with that pesky arty problem. Make scouting great again

  4. T-50-2 in 2012 : a tier 5 LT that can reach 80km/h wheb going downhill and turn so fast it broke the physics. Accelerates like a rocket.

    T-50-2 in 2018 : a tier 6 LT that\’s barely faster than a tier 6 MT, that turns like a mobile heavy tank (or a slow medium, if you prefer).

    It is honestly better to not bring it back and let it be a legendary tank rather than getting it back in such a tereible state it is a joke of a light and nothing like what it was.

    Make it a tier 7 and give it back its old mobility…

  5. Under the current physics, this will be the T-50-2\’s theme song:

    Which segues into my appraisal for this redo as well as the earlier wheeled vehicle proposal- and that is that the existing light tanks should have massively improved resistance to tipping and fall damage. If they\’re to be \’active scouts\’, they have to make aggressive maneuvers that currently are punished all to hell. And make no mistake, they aren\’t very good passive scouts either, they just don\’t have any other tactic to work with.

    So if WG is going to invoke the sacred name of T-50-2 again, they had better not do it in vain. Crank the mobility to the limit and make it work.

    1. they can\’t, at least not with the current physics, the T-50-2 ratio between it\’s lenght/width/height does not allow it to be stable when turning IF they decide to return it\’s \”speed demon soul\”
      with it\’s old top speed the risk of flipping over on a sudden turn or getting detracted when pulling a handbrake turn should be too high, unless they somehow give it some special parameters like making it\’s suspension being simulated as if it was a wheeled vehicle
      they mentioned on the part I of the devblog video about Wheeled vehicles, that those will be able to play like LTs played before the addition of the curent physics and that LTs can no longer play like that

      NOTE: I\’m not just writing stuff \”out of my a**\”, it is known that the longer a tank is the more strain it puts in the track if the tank width is not enough, it also makes turning harder not only because of it\’s length but because they have to be more careful so that the track that is on the inside of the turn does not get thrown off place, it should be familiar for those who have watched «The_Chieftain\’s Hatch» videos since it was mentioned a couple of times

  6. I think it\’s funny how they chose to ignore the fact of it being partially made up, if I remember correctly the real thing was supposed to be much, much,much slower than the T-50-2 in the game and the guns it had access to were never meant for it, at least that\’s what I remember from what was said about it around the time it was removed, back when there was a wave for historical accuracy in the game which lead to some changes, not everything was corrected but some things were

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