0 thoughts on “WoWS – New aircraft carriers

  1. Played when it started, liked the Dreadnought meta. As it grew the emphasis went towards torpedoes and destroyers. Carriers just spoiled whatever was left. The game mimicked history- once aircraft and torpedo technology matured it was the end for the Battlewagons.

  2. Carriers have no place in the current game – just as artillery in WoT, they play their own completly different game. If WG insists on carriers as part of “historical naval warfare” then why don’t we have submarines?

    1. Carriers play their own game? Artillery in WoT plays the same game as everybody else, just version for retards. There is some strategy involved but in pubs you can go away with sitting in your own cap masturbating and still have a good score. And it\’s just a toxic mechanic that ruins the game for everybody else since there is no way to counter it apart from not being spotted at all and even that doesn\’t work all the time, lmao. Ships in WoWs have one cool thing, you know, ANTI AIR GUNS. Guess what they do? SHOOT PLANES. Not to mention that you can see enemy torpedo bombers from a mile away and at least try to dodge an attack.

  3. The little what I played WoWS I played ONLY for carriers.

    They are cool as heck, imo, and I like the fact that you can play it more \”RTS\” style.

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