0 thoughts on “Black Panther camo for KanonenJagdpanzer 105

      1. Historical camo with a cat painted on it? I’m sure the Germans painted worse stuff then that on their tanks during WWII. Xmas camo I get why no one want’s to see. But this? Nothing wrong with it. It’s on pair with the KR.

        1. also the model looks upgraded and even more sexy, i wanted this one ages ago, but wasnt willing to pay for a tank which i wasnt able to play and frustrate me…

  1. Something tells me this will be the variant they will sell when they change it to the 105, and that current owners will get the unskinned version they already have. If they get this. I will be amazed. As I’m guessing this… will be a different name and variant. So you can get the upgrade for free, and buy this.

    1. I thought they did away with the separate camo thing starting with the warhammer KV-2? They did it with the 50TP proto as well. The winged hussar camo can be removed like a set camo. It’s possible they’ll be doing that with this one.

    1. KV-2R is a style? Can it be removed? I would love a prem KV-2, but I am highly allergic to clown sh*t.

      1. I don’t think that Leman Russ Ragnarok pattern can be considered “clown shit”. But yes, you can totally remove it.

    1. BCS that would cause a problem with the price paid in real money for tier 8 premium TD. WG will never return the real money, only gold, and many people would fight them unless they are generously compensated in gold, so WG will probably NOT downgrade it to tier 7, but everything is possible.

      1. Why couldnt they if they replaced it with the 105 for the old player that bought it? It would make more sense if its at tier 7 with the 90mm. A proper replacement for the E25 tbh.

  2. I think WG should be fair and offer current KnJPz owners a chance to swap from the original 90mm one to this 105mm one free of charge. Everyone else well, man your wallets.
    By the way, I like the paintjob.

    1. I think WG said that’s what they’re going to do along with finally selling this thing on RU.

    2. But I want to keep the 90 mm too ! 🙁
      Perhaps a discount on the 105 mm one then, if one already owns the 90 mm one ?

      1. What’s the point of keeping the 90mm peashooter when the alternative is the Leopard 1 gun at Tier 8? Also, imho they should give players a choice, not enforce the swap – either you tell WG you want to swap the 90mm variant with the 105mm one with no additional costs, or you don’t and keep the 90mm variant but, if you ever want the 105mm one, you’ll have to pay.

      2. “Perhaps a discount on the 105 mm one then, if one already owns the 90 mm one ?”
        How about you contact support to say which version you want just like when you could swap the GF tanks and you could buy the other one on a discount if they keep both models in the client?

  3. “current owners of KanJPz will get it for free”
    I really hope this will be the way, when MrConway posted it last year on the forums the original testing of this vehilce it sure sounded like it will be a free upgrade.

  4. The camo is ok, too bad the tank is still terrible though.
    by ok it’s not flashy enough pretty dull.

  5. This kind of camo looks awesome – should still be optional ofcourse – but I like it a lot and Im not easy to please when it comes to camo…

  6. Dear god the reasons to try again play wot are growing by the minute XD I may play again, but only when they buff old school premiums like this, jagd88, FCM50t Maybe

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