TKS Z N.K.M. 20 mm will be a gift tank reported that TKS, the Polish tier II light tank will be a gift for players. However, the day on which it will be distributed to players is still unknown.
TKS, a small but brave Polish vehicle, went to the supertest. The vehicle is a variant of the TK tankette, which was in mass use in the pre-war Polish Army. The tankette went into service in 1931 and until 1933 300 pieces were produced. During the operation, enough opinions were gathered that the Polish engineers designed an improved version, known as TKS.
In 1939 a decision was made to equip TKS with 20mm guns and over 20 of them were rebuilt until the fighting broke out. Their effectiveness may be proved by the fact that Roman Edmund Orlik in action on September 18-19, 1939, managed to destroy 10 German tanks with the TKS, including a Panzer IV Ausf B.

0 thoughts on “TKS Z N.K.M. 20 mm will be a gift tank

  1. Could be in a few weeks at the Gamescom event when they present the Polish line to the public.

    1. The problem with that is that the Swedes were released during the holidays, while the Poles are going to be released at the end of summer.

  2. Just imagine how 10 of all tanks in each team/tier 2 is composed by this garbage.
    A free garage slot. That’s it. Avoid low tiers for some weeks/months or even a year.
    – Trăiască comunismul! –

  3. Why do they even bother giving people Tier 2s… in NA can you even get a tier 2 game that isn’t all bots?
    A statpadder’s dream!

  4. I like it.
    And I guess they will give it out at Gamescom, though I could also see them giving it at the end of WG aniversary.

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