0 thoughts on “Battle of Kursk marathon – missions day 31

  1. Noticed that not many new T-34s are in the game, guess many people missed on some missions. Another positive thing in this marathon, no same tank spam in randoms.

    1. Because it’s literally worthless. I haven’t used mine and I don’t think i will until the summer is over and the siema kids are back at school.
      – Trăiască comunismul! –

  2. It’s kinda not bad, armor is still not much efficient, but gun has good pen, 120 regular, and the mobility is decent.
    Kids can’t keep a new tank in, on the other side they must lag behind in the marathon, so the flood will come.

  3. I got it, I’ll never use it, but we do get 7 days of prem time from this marathon as well, so.

  4. Yeah, I guess if you want to get ace wanker and moe on 34s you should wait for about a month. Especially since mid-tier is still tainted by roaming LefHs.

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