WG Fail: Wrong Historical Facts


Check out this fact sheet made by WG for the website of the History Channel in order to advertise itself. You can see how they replaced the M4 Sherman with an M3 Lee and the Churchill with a Matilda:

There’s also the Leclerc name mess-up.


31 thoughts on “WG Fail: Wrong Historical Facts

  1. “Sherman catches fire easily”

    oh come on this is a myth that has been bunked multiple times, yes it catches fire when penetrated, so does every other tank when they get penned, and shermans don’t catch fire more often than any other tank (save for the diesel ones that is, and most of WW2 tank catching fire were due to ammo fire, not fuel anyway).

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      1. Ah yeah isn’t it ironic, even WG’s own the chieftain debunked this myth in his sherman myths video.


    1. Jagdtiger, Tortoise and T95/T28 are not tanks though. The definition of a tank changed after WW1 to include only turreted armoured vehicles which served a particular battlefield role of breakthrough or hinterland exploitation.


      1. The definition of a tank depends on whatever country is fielding it. The US did use roughly that definition, which was why they couldn’t decide between t28 heavy/superheavy tank and t95 gun motor carriage (because gmcs were also supposed to be lightly-arnored). Other countries (most notably Sweden) have no trouble calling something without a turret a tank.


    1. Maus seen combat when defending there Factories.. Before you say anything look at the Living proof of the Maus tank taken as a Soviet trophy


      1. And that is where you are wrong. Maus never fired a single shot in anger nor it gets fired. All those dents are from german trials. It was a prototype, it has to be tested.
        That the mouse ever used in combat is a myth. They dont even had a suited crew, just a few engineers who drove it.

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          1. Ofc it is. The same with The E-79 Krokodil. And the Tiger III and the Panther III. WG knows best, what is real and what not. Historians are just ignorant idiots. Ask WG.

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      2. Jesus christ RagnarokBazil EVEN IF THE MAUS was used to defend factories in an absolutely losing last-ditch effort by guys who never even used it before other than in testing and aren’t even a real tank crew, you call that as combat experience?

        Data points: 1

        Yes totally legit!

        Stay in school and do not reproduce.


  2. This site needs to go back to being a news and general info about WoT site, rather than an autistic screeching witch hunt looking for any possible WG screw up. Its becoming a bit pathetic. Either post news/interesting things regarding tanks or don’t post anything at all. Look at the past month of posts on this site, it looks like a 14yr old with poor emotional stability has taken control.

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    1. And often enough even when you do post actual articles or news rather than bitch posts, they have snarky remarks/bitching within them. Professionalism, get some.


      1. Are you seriously demanding professionalism from a free personal blog while closing your eyes to an endless string of screw-ups from a billion dollar company that milks their customers dry? Are they paying employees to troll the comments sections now?

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    2. I like it as it is. And from what I can see, many others do too.

      And Wargayming should be criticized, whenever possible.

      Also, they should be financially undermined, again, whenever possible.

      That is the only way to make them do something good about this game, for a change.

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  3. But wait, there is more! Little Willy didn’t carry any armamant, so it wasn’t a tank. And what is a recreational tank? One with beds, shower and a sundeck?

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