0 thoughts on “Weekly Ops: 1 MILLION GOLD!

  1. Someone is not reading the blogs… or the forums… Someone is business as usual although the randoms player count getting lower and lower.

  2. yeah 1 million for the nolifers, and all we get is tier 10 games in our sub par tech tree tier 8s

  3. Best bit about this YouTube video was the Girl Sael I hope Kandly is still around and getting better?
    all the rest about the 1 million Gold to just 1% of WOT players ~ a good example of WG showing how completely out of touch with real world they are
    Sure though that Fame and its nerdy 90 members are frenzy masturbating over a hot PC screen now

  4. This video was unbelievably hard to watch. I was dieing of embarrassment in her place.

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