Summer sales aka Advent Calendar mid-summer

The heatwave’s hit, the barbecues are lit, and the tanks are out in full force so now’s the perfect time to roll out the Summer Sales. From 20 July at 07:00 through 5 August at 07:00 CEST (UTC +2), a multitude of tanks will be on sale and heavily discounted!
You may remember last year’s Summer Sales but this time, it’s a bit different.

  • More than a bundle per day: This year’s Summer Sales will offer up to five tanks every two days in individual packages. These packages will now be available for at least two days instead of just one.
  • A better experience: Using the Advent Calendar as a starting point, we’ve created a special calendar web page where you can find all the available deals in one place.
  • Extra missions: Even if you don’t purchase a bundle, battle missions are waiting for you in-game, so go ahead and earn those rewards.

How It Works

When opening World of Tanks, a pop-up will appear detailing the tanks currently discounted. If you accidentally close the window, you can find these packages in the “Specials” section. Just make sure to check it before you go into battle.


Each tank in the Summer Sales will have two exclusive packages:

  • 30% or 50% Off! – Means exactly that 30% or 50% off the normal price of the tank, a Garage slot, and 10 x5 XP missions*.
  • Best Buy! – Giving more bang for your buck, the Best Buy package contains hefty amount of Crew XP Personal Reserves, Premium Account, and even more x5 XP missions*.
*Important: the missions in this package can only be completed on the purchased vehicle after the First Victory of the Day bonus is used up.

0 thoughts on “Summer sales aka Advent Calendar mid-summer

  1. there is not a single good tank in this “summer sale”… maybe if they will buff them….

  2. T92 scout not bad. But anyway, WG trying somehow to earn money, cause it’s not a secreat, this year they have a loose profit comparing with other years, players also leaving the game, activity is about 10proc. smaller than last year the same period

    1. WG: Hmm players area leaving, profits are dropping…
      Players: Fix bugs, fix mm, remove arty stun, balance tanks, add better maps.
      WG: Let’s sell twice as many things to brute force profits.

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