0 thoughts on “WoWS – How it works : Fire

  1. How it works: *Covered in hotsauce and in the eyes, all red but serious face* it burns………………

  2. just there dumb way to explain the unrealistic fire since during wwii ship would burn for days not second and rarely cause the ship to sink unless it hit the magazine

    1. Rarely cause it to sink?
      To this day, the biggest danger to any waterborne vessel is a fire, and to this day, ships are abandonned and left to sink after a fire gets out of control.
      Even if the ship by some miracle doesn’t deform, take on water and sink, the burnt out husk is rarely even worth dragging it back to a port to be dismantled.
      You are wrong, plain and simple.
      Fires, even on a WWII armored warship, was a grave convern. So much so that British and USN crews were all trained in rudimentary damage control methods in order to help the dedicated damage con crew if need be.
      As a direct result, they tended to lose less ships to fires compared to, say, the Japanese who had dedicated damage con crews and no one else qualified for it.

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