7TP – Supertest

7TP was the development of the British tank Vickers Mk.E, produced in Poland under license. The machine was different from the original with a more powerful diesel engine. 235 (Saurer VBLDb), a turret and weapons. The first series of machines was made in a two-turret version. In 1935, an agreement was concluded with the Swedish firm Bofors to manufacture a turret with cannon armament of the same firm for installation on a single-turret version of the tank. The first prototype of the single-turret tank 7TP was tested in February 1937. After that, mass production began, and until September 1939, 110 single-turret 7TPs were produced. 

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  1. Looks REAL, and that matters way more than is it strong or not.
    I`m super-pissed WG keeps making whole lines for nations that realistically had 1-2 domestic designed/heavily modified tanks.

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