New missions for active players

According to Rykoszet readers, has decided to launch missions for people with long-term experience playing World of Tanks without interruption.


Specifically, the player Kowi1282 received a mission of collecting tokens, where each time completing the mission ” Get a proof of loyalty! “Receives stamps. For collecting 20 such stamps, the prize is a premium account day and a free garage space, and in addition for each of the two seals receives a random prize from premium consumables and personal reserves.



7 thoughts on “New missions for active players

  1. One day of premium? As a loyalty reward? How ridiculous is that?! Man I am so utterly disappointed by the WoT developers, I am speechless. Well off to WoWs because there is nothing more to see here at WoT

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  2. Finally, been waiting seven years for this moment. And oh boy was it worth it! Let’s hope there will be a ribbon for the 10 years of service. Only way to top this generous beast of a gift. *Stunned*


  3. If this is given out for EVERY month of active playing, I think it would actually be a pretty nice reward.

    If it`s only a 1 time thing (for a couple of years of playing), then it is truly shit.


  4. I don’t have this mission set. I was active all the time, and I (was) willingly paying. Now, many of my clanmates get this mission, all who are way less active than me. Is this the loyalty for active players? WG stated that in a previous support ticket that they treat all players equlayy! Okay, but where is this equality? I higly demand this, to treat me as other players, and to keep their WRITTEN word!



  5. So if you dont play you get a dickermax to get you back and if you do play the game for al those years you get a prem day and a garage slot. seems fair…..

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