WoT – 1.0.2 Changelog

Main changes

Update 1.0.2 expand the introduction to the game with a set of new missions. They become available after ending the Bootcamp and are intended for tiers II to X. They explain vehicle modifications, customization basics, consumables, equipment, and reserves.

The missions are available to new players (less than 1000 battles and don’t have a tier VI or highers) after completing Bootcamp. The missions help to understand the basic mechanics and aspects of the game.

For clearing the missions, players get nice bonuses.

The missions consist of three blocks:

  • End of basic training
  • Briefing
  • Road to glory

After finishing all three of them, the player  receives a token which they can exchange for ANY tier VI tank from the tech tree.

Training Center – the initiation of newbie players should be more fluid now, thanks to a bundle of useful articles and hint on almost all topics, from penetration and armor mechanics, to aiming and detection. The Center consists of the following sections:

  • For the newly arrived
  • Game modes
  • Player vehicles
  • Vehicle types
  • Attack basics
  • Defense basics
  • Other

The Training Center is available after pressing Esc in the garage.


  • The garage now has a separate place where you can customize the outside of your vehicle. The lighting will be adapted accordingly, so discrepancies between the garage and the battlefield will be smaller.
  • Paint and style sets are now available for tanks of tiers VI, and all VIII tier tanks.


  • Changes were made in the interface, and its sound scheme
  • WGC users will be automatically logged in. That and some other things can be changed in the game client.

Vehicle changes


  • T-34E
  • Sherman VC Firefly
  • 50TP prototype
  • T26E3 Eagle 7

Specific changes:

Object 430 Version II

  • The 100 mm D-54 gun will be replaced with a 100 mm D-54U gun
  • Reduced bloom during move for the improved suspension by 14%
  • Reduced the bloom during hull turning for the improved suspension by 14%
  • Increased the accuracy of the 100 mm D-54U gun in the improved turret from 0.38 to 0.35
  • Decreased the reload time of the 100 mm D-54U gun in the improved turret from 8.0 to 7.5 seconds
  • Decreased the aim time of  the 100 mm D-54U gun in the improved turret from 2.9 to 2.0 seconds
  • Reduced the turret move bloom of the 100 mm D-54U gun in the improved turret by 25%
  • Reduced the post shot bloom of the 100 mm D-54U gun in the improved turret by 13%
  • Increased the UBR-412B ammo penetration for the 100 mm D-54U gun from 219 to 246 mm
  • Changed the view range of the improved turret from 390 to 400 meters
  • Nerfed the hull and turret armor
  • Changed the HP with the stock turret from 1600 to 1500
  • Changed the HP with the improved turret from 1700 to 1600

Object 268 V4

  • Increased movement bloom by 33%
  • Increased hull rotation bloom by 33%
  • Decreased rotation speed from 23 to 22 deg/s
  • Increased the gun movement bloom by 20%
  • Increased the aim time from 2 to 2.5 seconds
  • Decreased the gun laying speed from 30 to 28 deg/s
  • Nerfed the hull armor
  • Reduced the forwards speed from 55 to 50 km/h
  • Reduced the backwards speed from 22 to 18 km/h
  • Reduced the engine power from 1500 to 1350 horsepower
  • Reduced the HP from 2100 to 2000

Object 277

  • Reduced the 3BM APCR ammo penetration from 350 to 340 mm
  • Decreased the accuracy from 0.35 to 0.38
  • Increased the aim time from 2.5 to 2.7 seconds
  • RPM changed from 5.22 to 4.8
  • Increased turret rotation speed from 26 to 27 deg/s
  • Decreased the reload speed from 11.03 to 12.5 seconds
  • Increased the camo rating by 20%
  • Changed the ammo rack and fuel tank placement (nerfed)


  • Increased the HP from 1800 to 1950
  • Changed the turret rotation limits from 180 to 220 deg (from 90 to 110 on both sides)
  • Changed the 100 mm D-46T gun depression on the hull sides from 5 to 9 degrees negative
  • Reduced the reload time from 6.5 to 6.3 seconds
  • Increased the engine power from 500 to 860 horsepower

33 thoughts on “WoT – 1.0.2 Changelog

  1. Obj277 nerfed to shit. First they nerffed gun hundling- accurancy, aiming time, now they changed and premium ammo to heat.

    1. The only thing that should be an issue on the Object 277 is the low hp/t (last I checked it was less than 10) and this ‘nerf’ to ammorack and fuel tanks. Gun is in line with Russian heavy tank guns (hits hard, but average to mediocre everywhere else) and 350mm APCR gold was ridiculous.

      1. hp/t is ok, you mixed something. They nerfed DPM, aim time, accurancy. Penetration nerf from 350 to 340 doesn’t metter, but now russians detected they changed ammo time of gold shells from APCR with amazing 1800m/s speed to HEAT.

        1. yes, change of premium ammo to heat is the greatest nerf. yesterday i was still going to buy but now i don’t think i will play object 277 when you have basically the same tank at tier 9 with MUCH better MM

        1. i mean gun handling………supposed to be shitty on paper,but lazer snapshoting gods in reality……..

          1. That’s a matter of RNG, it’s more noticeable on a gun that is inaccurate but pulls off accurate shots than on one that is supposed to be accurate and misses. Also, Russian/Chinese heavy tank guns used to trade handling for high alpha, if WG started giving them both well, it’s another example of their kommunist balance.

    2. are you actually complaining about a nerf to a russian tank?

      Oh no i won’t be able to faceroll through my enemies now boohoo.

    3. i didn’t see anything about shell type change…
      so the shell type of gold ammo for 277 is going to be HEAT?

  2. Good thing about to the Boot Camp. Hopefully some Pollacks will complete it before rushing tiers….

  3. Nice to see WG actually doing something more actively positive for New Players entering the slaughter that is WOT once you leave Tier 3

    Of course its all to late for the many 10.000’s of new players that have already got fucked off and found a genuinely more enjoyable game to play that’s not as anger frustrating

    1. or them sit in clicker scum, and shit on the others, because for the autistic class u need no basics in this game, only click with one hand, and fap with the other

    2. >found a genuinely enjoyable game to play
      Not a multiplayer one for sure. But if you want to play an MMO, might as well play WoT.

  4. The 277 was ridiculously OP. The only thing they should have left alone was the dpm. Everything else about the tank is fine now.

    99% of the whine is just people having a raging hardon to get a new flavor of the month OP Russian tank. Screw those guys.

    1. it wasn’t op, cause paper armor just like the T10. Is it op? No. 257 was improve to tier X after T10, everything was fine, the only op think was 350mm penetration with gold ammo. WZ5A is much better after these nerf, but nobody call it op.

      1. Yeah, i just dont understand why they nerfed it so hard. They should have only nerfed gold ammo and then left it alone cause then it would have been on apr with the 5a. Then you could have picked, better gun handling and a bit better armor on the 277 or better dpm and gun depression on the 5a. But now its just useless, especially since the only buff they gave it is CAMO?!

  5. LMAO! WG balancing department…make the worst tier 9 medium in the game even more terrible. You can give it the best gun in the world but it still has a rear turret. At least before you could hull down or side scrape.

    1. LOL. Obj 430 II was better than Obj 430 (original one). That rear turred worked miracles, but that requires some knowledge. No surprise you think of it as a bad tank.

      1. If I wanted to play a rear turret heat spamming machine I would play the Obj 416 that sees tier 6 or the T54 which is infinitely better than the 430v2.

        I was by no means a superstar in the v2 but still averaged over 2k a game.

  6. morelc, your a numpty muppet, how you get from one of the strongest T9 med’s in the game, to it being the worst, is an epic fail in entitlement and self involved idiocy.

  7. Why are people saying the T10 isn’t good… it’s one of the best tier 9 heavies… Any improved version of the T10 as a tier 10 tank will be good.

    Literally if you gave the T10 tier 10 HT hit points (IE 2200 +) it would be competitive with no other changes.

    You wanna see a really shitty tier 10 heavy? Go play E 100 or PZ KPFW 7 or Is4. The differences between IS4 and T-10 are a joke to be one tier higher. The IS4 basically has more hp and thats more or less the only difference, the hulls of both are easily penned and both turrets are the strong points of the tank.


    1. Agree.
      T10 is a very comfortable tank to play… Same playstyle and performance like the allmighty 113,once a must have tank in CW (kind of still is)…. but one tier lower…. I have faced noumerous 277s since… Amazing snapshots, even on the move at short distances… Armour concept which is easy to understand and works well on all maps…… and most of all armour that works well even vs gold spamm…. On the other hand, i regret buying the K91….. Pile of crap with a vomitt icing….. Dont even bother

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