World of Tanks – Patch 1.0.1 known issues

Patch 1.0.1 brings new nation and other fascinating features.
Unfortunately, some players may experience issues.

Development is looking for a fix.

List of the known issues

These issues mainly affect the visuals.

  1. No sound effect after tank is hit.
  2. Mines map. Certain rocks can be floating above the ground.
  3. Frontline map. While on a platoon, after reconnection to the battle, ranks can be shown incorrectly.
  4. Frontline map. Rare game crashes in certain scenarios.
  5. Personal missions. When improving result “Recruit crew member” button is displayed, despite claiming crew member in the past.
  6. Personal missions. Platoon results can be displayed incorrectly in some cases.
  7. Tank stats may decreasing, after equipment installation.
  8. In certain cases, the tank carousel may not be visible in the garage.
    A game restart should solve this problem.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Player Support


22 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Patch 1.0.1 known issues

  1. I thought frontline wasn’t available until the 7th …..if it is how do i get onto it as i don’t see any options.


    1. It’s probably a bug reported on the test server or internal testing that didn’t make it into the release build.


  2. “No sound effect after tank is hit.”

    Stupid morons. This issue was reported months ago with the 1.0 sandbox testing and they still haven’t fixed it?

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  3. “Tank stats may decreasing, after equipment installation”
    That’s kind of a big problem that needs to be fixed asap if the stats are actualy decreased and not just shown wrong in the garage.

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  4. 1. No sound effect after tank is hit. This was an issue BEFORE 1.0.1. People (myself included) were complaining about when 1.0 launched.


  5. NOTE: Although the event is available in the game client upon release, it only launches May 7 17:00 CEST (UTC+2).


  6. Also Marks of Excellence don’t work anymore. Was grinding marks on the 131 for the whole evening before I realised this… 😛

    I was fucking up big time, it should have went down XD


  7. Anyone else having the reload timer missing 1 decimal in game? It used to be x,xx. Now it’s x,x. In the garage it shows as it used to be.


  8. last night my med kit wouldnt work. I hit all three of my consumable buttons and got no messages from any of them.


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