WoT Supertest – K-91 and Object 277

The tarp finally fell off from the sekrit tanks, and we finally got info what was under it.

This tank will be be top dog of the rear-mounted med line. The K-91 is a fast tank with very good accuracy, enabling it to snipe. The 1700 m/s and 276mm APCR standard round also add to the sniping capabilities. Other peculiarities include a weak armor and your usual soviet gun dep, combined with a limited turret traverse (which may or may not be changed, depending on the test results).

The characteristics of the K-91 are impressive, but how do you play it? It’s mainly an ambush and support tank. It’s not capable of a knife fight. The view range enables it to spot very well, and the camo is just a bit worse than on the 430U. The mobility is comparable to other country tanks, but the thin armor really makes it hard to survive fire. Another shortcoming during brawling is the 180 degree gun arc.

Thus, when  playing the K-91, you need to use your camo and snipe. If you want some adrenaline, go to the second line.

Stats are subject to change

Tier: MT-10, USSR, standard
HP: 1800
Max. speed forwards/backwards: 55 / -20 km/h
Hull traverse speed: 50 °/s
Turret traverse speed: 45 °/s
View range: 410 m

Hull armor: 140 / 60 / 45
Turret armor: 220 / 140 / 60

Damage: 320 / 320 / 420
Penetration: 276 / 330 / 50
Reload time: 7.68 s
Accuracy: 0.33
Aim time: 1.9 s

A tier X assault tank, combining mobility and armor. As the real successor to the T-10, the 277 use its strong points, offering better aimtime, DPM, and penetration. The higher alpha and HP pool make the tank even better than the T-10.

Just like the T-10, the 277 is a heavium, suited to countering enemy assaults and denying key points. Well armed and agile, it allows an aggressive play in attack, outmaneuvering enemies in defense, and fast flexing. It will still however have the measly 5.5 gun depression.

Stats are subject to change

Tier: HT-10, USSR, standard
HP: 2200
Max. speed forwards/backwards: 55 / -15 km/h
Hull traverse speed: 32 °/s
Turret traverse speed: 26 °/s
View range: 400 m

Hull armor: 140 / 112 / 50
Turret armor: 290 / 224 / 80

Damage: 490 / 490 / 640
Penetration: 265 / 350 / 65
Reload time: 11.5 s
Accuracy: 0.35
Aim time: 2.5 s


33 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – K-91 and Object 277

      1. Yeah, it’s a better 130mm gun and the tank itself was meant to be the successor so it makes sense.

        Can finally not have to rely on autobounce angles. Flat upper plate with curved sides and 140mm armor = perfect semi hulldown troll machine.

        Also – this thing actually exists at Kubinka. That’s a welcome change.


    1. I don’t think they were, the Obj.777 II was one of the obvious options for the role and in addition they already had a working model and only needed to bring it to the current standard

      the other obvious options to be a Tier 10 on the T-10 line were obviously the Obj.278 (mentioned together with 277, on the Obj.279 video, as being the sucessors of the T-10), the Obj.770 and of course the Obj.777

      remember that the same source hinted for the K-91 II as the rear-turreted Tier 10 MT, which is now confirmed (still subject to changes), which is normal since I don’t remember seeing anyone suggest an alternative

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  1. “Thus, when playing the K-91, you need to use your camo and snipe.”

    So looks like we will have a bunch of K-91s camping base line and hiding behind arty thanks to the majority of the maps being too small for tier X tanks.

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  2. Looking at schematics for the K-91 project, this thing uses the chassis of the normal turret placement K-91 and the TD project despite the rear turret version having a different one. Classic WG.

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  3. if I look at those standard ammo pen vales, though …

    276 mm (even if its APCR) and 265mm? compare that to many other tier 10 tanks, where a E100 carries the red lantern with 246mm and most MTs are only short of 270mm.

    I do hope this is the first step towards prem ammo rework, but the prem pen values speak against it.

    on the other hand: the K-91 only has 2500 base DPM and 320 alpha, this is even worse than E50M. *lol*


    1. It’s actually not too difficult to make a sabot projectile go fast.

      The real issue (other than size of breech, working pressure, etc…) is having said projectile not disintegrate on impact.
      It’s why most APDSFS shells tend to go between 1400 and 1600m/s, anything higher can actually be a liability.


    1. i saw that. Armor is basically the same, gun is better, and the T10 alredy have the same gun handling as the 5a, one tier lower. If this thing get a little bit better stats, it will be snapshoting people with 490 alpha, and hitting, because RASHA. The fuck man.


    1. Going by what lead from the tier 9’s before. Around 200K for the 277. And 280K for the K-91 is to be expected. As module research on the 430 II is still low for a tier 9. So thus it’s compensated for it via the tier X unlock still I suspect.


  4. With the new medium (K-91) WG shows that they want the Russians to be the only OP of the game … They are despising the other nations …


  5. K91 “thin armour*” 140mm very well sloped hull armour and a 220mm autobounce/ricochet turret is what WG calls “thin” on a medium tank? Oh well, it’s a USSR med, what else could we expect.


    1. WG advertisers are bozos, they just write what the balance department tells them. Most tank descriptions are not even accurate, or at least 5 years outdated. How the fuck is 140mm sloped frontal armor and lower plate bad? It is better than some heavys on tier 9 and 10.

      Also 1700 m/s shell velocity is too much really.


  6. The K-91 seems like a really odd tank. Sure the turret will likely bounce a few shots with its angles and 1700m/s shell velocity is insane, but the hull armor is actually quite bad. From the pictures the 140mm hull should be around 210-220 effective, with side armor so bad that sidescraping with the rear turret will be all but impossible. And although shell velocity is good the gun depression is likely to be atrocious, the DPM at 2500 is horrible for a tier 10, and with camo worse than a 430U you won’t even be able to play sneaky like an Obj. 416. I just don’t see where this tank even fits into the game.


    1. Same. Interesting how many people are commenting on the standard pen. The difference between this tank and one of the 105’s isn’t much bigger than the difference between the other soviet 100mm’s and the 105’s. And it’s much smaller than the difference between the 30b/tvp and the other meds. I mean, it DOES have good pen, but that alone isn’t enough to justify using it, and (almost) all the tier 10 meds have good pen.

      Also, even if it has really good camo, it would have to be insanely good to be particularly useful. It’s probably going to be about like the Leopard where the the players who do really well in it brawl because that’s the meta, and the rest sit in the back and farm damage then whine when their team loses because the game was 15 v 14 while they were sitting in the back jerking themselves off.


  7. Fuck you E50m, you 270 mm pen now go to shit, Rusha.

    French 120 use to have best pen, that from new HT line, 264, russia will have better, and 350 heat.

    TWO OP fuck tard tanks. Russa will have uber sniper, Leopard 1 can go fuck himself.


  8. Cause we totally need another medium tank with better view range then the light tanks in the game, here’s an idea, remove T10 lights and T9 or buff them so they can do SOMETHING other then getting raped over and over


  9. As a Object 430 II fan, I really can’t wait for this to come.

    Will be interesting, when I play I usually brawl+snipe in the 430 II. But it seems that this one will lean more towards sniping instead.


  10. 277 looks interesting. But how rest of the stats on the K-91 is remains to be seen, like camo etc. 416 is still good fun, but the 430 II is horrible vs it in the support role. Semi good as a brawler. So it remains to be seen whom of those two it’s closest to. As I can’t wait to get rid of my 430 II atm. If I want to bully brawl there are plenty of better tier 9 meds. Rear turret on some of the maps is not great for that anymore.


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