Emblems can be sold now

In one of the last micropatches, in addition to fixing errors and changes in the statistics of the Progetto, there was added the option of selling emblems, camouflage and inscriptions obtained for various missions or purchased before.


11 thoughts on “Emblems can be sold now

  1. you can only sell certain types. for example i could (and did) sell all my lucky emblems but i can’t sell the GM season emblems or “special” types of emblems

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  2. That’s not the only thing they did patch. I had a bunch of Chinese inscriptions on my US tanks that they added by mistake like 2 years ago. Now some of them are removed suddenly, but some remain. I bought them with gold back in the day when you bought 2 emblems 100 gold combined on a mid tier tank for all seasons. I had “be aware of spies” on most of my US tanks. Now after the changes that cost 300 gold pr tank to get all season, not 100 gold. So now I suddenly had over 4K gold refunded on my account since they removed it. But I did not spend 4K gold getting them. If they remove the last two I have. I will get a free tier 7 or 8 tank out of it via the tech tree.

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  3. Amazing how WG know which shit emblems you don’t want but won’t allow you to sell them. Can’t even sell Sabaton emblems which came with PVic

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