WoT – New Russian Tanks Postponed

RU server forum moderator Yeuse confirms that the tanks which were supposed to come after the T-10 and Obj 430 II won’t come before the Polish line, ergo not this year.


24 thoughts on “WoT – New Russian Tanks Postponed

  1. well I’ve managed to convert my 430 2 amassed exp twice now , so it is only on 5k again. My T-10 has 180k but i guarantee i will “accidentally” convert it this year when drunk

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      1. Yeah, they did. They said the vehicles would be introduced in 9.22.
        All they did was put the placeholder icons in the tech tree.

        TAP also said they had a leak about them being in 9.22 as well.

        They also said that they have chosen a tank for after the T-10.
        I highly doubt modelling a tank takes more than an year.


  2. because anyone honestly expected anything at this point ?
    most original MT line and most original soviet line, of course this was not their priority. But don’t worry they don’t have the time to add 2 tier X tanks they apparently already had planned, but they won’t have any problem spamming us with “12 new coming premium tanks”.

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  3. Don’t tell me there will be only 2 patches (1 Italian tanks, 1 Polish tanks) this year.

    And don’t tell me creating and testing two tanks would be THAT hard for WG.

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  4. Good.
    Perhaps they are seeing their oh so beloved statistics, and how much the Obj. 268 V4 is an overpowered piece of shit.
    Oh, who am I kidding, they are waiting for the new nations to drop so they can add the newest biasmachines and crush both the Italians and Polaks in one fell swoop.


  5. The reason for the delay: they haven’t packed enough bull shart nonsense OP AF stats into these 2 unrevealed tanks.
    The proposed t10 heavy:
    autoloader with a 10 round clip of tactical nukes

    The proposed t10 med:
    an orbital laser

    Srsly can you imagine how hard it is to balance 2 piles of BS so they’re “competitive”?!?!?!?!?

    Watch the above get moderated b/c the WG lacky doesn’t want to piss off his/her/its overlords.


  6. Being objective I think it is because of the tank after Obj. 430 II and the fact they want a real tant or a blueprint (not fake one) for the tier X and they haven’t yet chosen/found a proper candidate.

    As for the T-10 even the penguins on Antarctica know that its tier X will be the Obj. 777 Version II and that it is already modelled and in the in-game files and 100% ready to be released in any moment


    1. “As for the T-10 even the penguins on Antarctica know that its tier X will be the Obj. 777 Version II and that it is already modelled and in the in-game files and 100% ready to be released in any moment”

      This was never confirmed and it was only a BS rumour posted on this blog.

      Obj. 777 Version II was added into the game files almost 3 years ago way before the T-10 split and there are much better candidates for the Tier X position after the T-10.


    2. not necessarily, the truth is that there are plenty more options for tier 10 HT, 2 of which were mentioned in the Obj.279 video as being designed and developed after the T-10 as a replacement for it, those being the Obj.277 and Obj.278, there’s even the Obj.770 (supposedly the last HT built in USSR) and the first variant of the Obj.777 (it looks more “conventional” with the turret in i’ts usual spot behind the driver)

      in my opinion any of those are more than good enough to work at tier 10 of the T-10 and IS-4 lines (there were rumors they wanted to make the IS-4 tier 9 )

      I don’t know that many soviet MT projects but sometime ago the K-91 was seen by some as the candidate for both Tier 10 MT lines, both the conventional (K-91-I) and rear tureted (K-91-II)

      if the players already know of at least thes then the Devs should know others which means the problem is not the lack of options


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