WoT – Chieftain Debacle

Alexey “Inaki” Ilyin has some info about the Chieftain Mk. 6

Q: A lot of people are thinking about the Chieftain Mk.6, so the question is if you’re planning on introducing it this year? Maybe as a prem? An X tier?

A: The short answer would be no, but I’ll add some “meat” to that. We all know that the tank is ready as a 3D model, and that we want to introduce it into the game. The problem is that we don’t have vehicles suitable to lead to it. We had two possibilities – add the Super Conqueror or the Chieftain. We decided for the former, since it fits the line way better. And we see that it’s enough for now regarding British HTs. The Chieftains won’t give the players a new experience, just another X to research, and another choice – the SC or the Chieftain. This is not good, since we divide the players here. The same situation is with the soviet tanks, where the 140 and T-62A are near identical, and they play basically the same. We know of the historical weight of the Chieftain, and we’re pondering about it, but not this year. As you all know, we’re introducing two new nations to the game, thus we’ll leave the Chieftain for later. I want to explain this thoroughly, because I want to share a complete answer with the community. A simple “no” wouldn’t be enough. I want the community to understand our motives, and the persons who want to see the Chieftain to understand our way of thinking and our view point.


22 thoughts on “WoT – Chieftain Debacle

    1. More like:
      “We’ve had the model ready for years, but it was simply too powerful, so we’ve been waiting on its release, powercreeping the game so you herp derps drop money on new branches until we feel comfortable introducing the tank”

      That’s all it is.
      The tank would have been faceroll powerful 2-3 years ago.
      But now that you have more and more retard tanks? Well, the Chieftain isn’t looking so ludicrously powerful anymore.

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    2. nope, that wouldn’t work, if the L7 is too powerfull for a tier 8 HT then the Chieftain 120mm would be too powerfull for a tier 9 HT, but their words surprised me

      «we don’t have vehicles suitable to lead to it»

      what about the Vickers MBT?
      idealy it would be FV4202 to start it all but it can also work with Vickers MBT Mk.1 (20pdr) >> Vickers MBT Mk.3 (105mm L7), additionally there’s also the Mk.4 Valiant with the 120mm L11 gun and if really needed they can count with the Chieftain early prototype (it is different from the production vehicle, such as being lower) or the FV4201 concept mockup
      if they want to work it like a full HT line they can always start from the Infantry Tank A38 Valiant and Valiant II, like the current HT line you would go from armour as priority (but still more mobile than the Churchills) to mobility and firepower wth the difference that the Chieftain has even less armour than the Conqueror but has a really strong turret and becomes a pure hull down sniper

      there are options, what is lacking is will to do it

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      1. this is odd, I presssed reply to the comment below, the one with the many Chieftain versions forming a line, but my comment appeared below the comment he had replied to

        just to make sure I am saying a line with only Chieftains could never work like mentioned in the comment below


  1. why not branch off from the Churchill Black Prince?

    Churchill BP ->Chieftain Mk. 1 -> Chieftain Mk. 2 -> Chieftain Mk. 10 (just going off the list on wiki)

    There might be small amount of modules require to unlock but hey you got the Charioteer, Conway and then the barn house with few modules in between


    1. Of course they’d make, immediately, a lot of money off of releasing it.

      But, this same stubbornness of the developers have largely kept WoT alive this entire time. 3/5/7 MM isn’t an improvement in most cases, and that is why they had held off on releasing it for so many years: it reduces the possible variety of gameplay, heavily.

      The rest of this entire post is what I’ve been saying for literally years, though.


  2. They really are full of **** .Branch it off the centurion with some tier 9 prototype in-between (which the fv4202 was in reality) . The Russian tech tree is a mess of fitted in tanks .

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  3. Just give the tank to everyone who reached 10 k Battles and over 48% WR and done. There are no stupid excuses needed for that.


  4. This is such a bullsh*t.
    Console WoT has the Chieftain for years.
    WoT Blitz will soon get the Chieftain.

    WoT pc? Too retard to add
    But adding a shitton of never existed OP soviet tank recently surely possible.

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    1. Some people just want a tank that will instantly obsolete any non-Russian MT while still being a heavy and quite capable of duking it out with them

      the others care about history, it’s a historically important tank


  5. This is such bullshit, just create a prototype at tier 9 to lead op to the chieftain and branche off from the Caravan…


    1. When you say to branch from the Caravan, are you talking the American Caravan (a Dodge van) or the British Caravan (an RV)?


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