WoT – Chieftain Debacle

Alexey “Inaki” Ilyin has some info about the Chieftain Mk. 6

Q: A lot of people are thinking about the Chieftain Mk.6, so the question is if you’re planning on introducing it this year? Maybe as a prem? An X tier?

A: The short answer would be no, but I’ll add some “meat” to that. We all know that the tank is ready as a 3D model, and that we want to introduce it into the game. The problem is that we don’t have vehicles suitable to lead to it. We had two possibilities – add the Super Conqueror or the Chieftain. We decided for the former, since it fits the line way better. And we see that it’s enough for now regarding British HTs. The Chieftains won’t give the players a new experience, just another X to research, and another choice – the SC or the Chieftain. This is not good, since we divide the players here. The same situation is with the soviet tanks, where the 140 and T-62A are near identical, and they play basically the same. We know of the historical weight of the Chieftain, and we’re pondering about it, but not this year. As you all know, we’re introducing two new nations to the game, thus we’ll leave the Chieftain for later. I want to explain this thoroughly, because I want to share a complete answer with the community. A simple “no” wouldn’t be enough. I want the community to understand our motives, and the persons who want to see the Chieftain to understand our way of thinking and our view point.