WoT Blitz – Blitz Biathlon : Chieftain/T95


8 thoughts on “WoT Blitz – Blitz Biathlon : Chieftain/T95

  1. I have it on PC, it is the best tier 8 tank, this tank should be moved to tier 9 without changing anything on it.


    1. if it’s such a great tank, explain why no one plays it anymore.

      cant see if youre sarcastic or youre actually a moron. Ide take my fv4202 over it any day

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      1. DIADTEC are you a mongoloid or just a down syndrome idiot? The Chieftain/T95 is the best tier 8 tank. Now get back to your shoe shine box.


  2. Some (more) people should check this guys credentials… He is not the Badass he pretends to be… Too bad I already took a look at his military record. He’s slightly better than a famboi in the game but a fucking lot worse than the real historians that spent decades of research on the history of WW2… This includes tanks.


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