RU April Fools: Quack Bundle

For around 2€, on the Russian server you could buy a bundle with an inscription, several emblems and the unique AMX 40 „Quack Quack” camouflage, which included 250 gold, 5x strong coffee consumables and a day of premium account. After purchasing the kit, a special mission appears that allows the players to acquire the said items.

  • Camouflage:

  • Emblems:

  • Inscription:


12 thoughts on “RU April Fools: Quack Bundle

      1. Just that the “Fun” stuff would cost 2 € and I’m pretty sure that all you had to say would be most likely the same as you did right now. Blabla.


    1. Different regions, different plans. It might come later to some other event.

      Whatsoever, its a duck camo you have to pay for. You are going to survive.

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      1. Yeah, i think i´ll do. I hate the Amx40, the comments was only to fulfill the cliche of the eu-whiners.
        They saved money is 1 litre of 102 Octance for my bike, thumbs up. xD


  1. they really sold it or it was a fakeover like leviathan on na?

    I would love to buy a joke for 5-10 euro instead of just another april fool like on eu/na.
    best would be a joke offer combined with doniation to sth like war child.

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